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Read the section below for info on upgrading from v2 to v3.

This version of the library will only work with Elevate 4 Storefront API v3. Support for Elevate API v2 is limited to v1.x.x of this package. For information about upgrading to the v2 version, see the upgrade section

A helper library for making requests to the Elevate Storefront API v3. It includes type definitions for all HTTPS responses and the library API.


Install the package from npm:

npm install @apptus/esales-api
  • Supports Browsers, Deno and Node v18+ by using globalThis.fetch() to send requests cross-platform
  • Ships code bundled into in ESM and CJS format
  • Ships with modern ES2022 code - tooling like esbuild can be used to support older platforms/environments (see tooling)
  • See polyfills for required global API's


The full API and all options/return-values are described by the Typescript definitions (dist/mod.d.ts) that is bundled with this library.

import { elevate } from '@apptus/esales-api';

const api = elevate({
  market: 'GB',
  locale: 'en-GB',
  clusterId: '<ID>',
  touchpoint: 'desktop',
  session: () => ({ customerKey: '<UUID>', sessionKey: '<UUID>' })

async function main() {
  const result = await api.query.searchPage({ q: 'jeans', limit: 60 });
  // Use the search result

main().catch(err => console.warn(err));

A CHANGELOG.md is included in the package, but npm can't show individual files from a package online. The changelog can be read on e.g. esm.sh or unpkg.com, or any other npm mirror.


From v2 to v3

The CHANGELOG.md includes the full list of changes. For integrators using this package, the changes listed below are required when upgrading to version 3.0.0 of the package:

  • A new property session is now required when initializing the API. Prior to v3, session information was automatically handled via LocalStorage. The same behavior as before can be achieved via the method localStorageBackedSession().

    // Before
    import { esales } from '@apptus/esales-api';
    const api = esales({
      clusterId: 'wABCD1234',
      market: 'UK',
      locale: 'en-GB',
      touchpoint: 'desktop'
    // After
    import { esales, localStorageBackedSession } from '@apptus/esales-api';
    const api = esales({
      clusterId: 'wABCD1234',
      market: 'UK',
      locale: 'en-GB',
      touchpoint: 'desktop',
      session: localStorageBackedSession()
  • The session property on the configured API object has been removed. Functionality related to reading/updating session metadata to LocalStorage can be found on the object returned by localStorageBackedSession().

    // Before
    const api = esales({ ... });
    api.session.customerKey = user.id;
    // After
    const session = localStorageBackedSession();
    const { customerKey, sessionKey } = session();
  • All esales().notify.* methods are now returning promises, and should thus be handled to avoid uncaught promises. Previously, these POST messages were sent via Navigator.sendBeacon(). This has been replaced with fetch() with the keepalive flag, to make the library supported cross platform.

    // Before
    try {
    } catch {
      // failed to queue POST request with notification
    // After
    await api.notify.click().catch(() => {});
    // to ignore errors, or:
    try {
      await api.notify.click();
    } catch {
      // Network error or a non-OK HTTP status code

From v1 to v2

The CHANGELOG.md includes the full list of changes. For integrators using this package, the changes listed below are required when upgrading to version 2.0.0 of the package:

  • A new property locale, must be added to the API initialization. This field should be one of the locales that is used together with market when importing products with the Admin API.
    // Before
    const api = esales({ ..., market: 'SE' });
    // After
    const api = esales({ ..., market: 'SE', locale: 'sv-SE' });
  • Rename the paramater pageId to pageReference, for the query.landingPage() request.
    const api = esales(options);
    // Before
    api.query.landingPage({ ...params, pageId: id });
    // After
    api.query.landingPage({ ...params, pageReference: id });
  • Change webApiId to clusterId for initialization configuration.
    // Before
    const api = esales({ ..., webApiId: 'w00000000' });
    // After
    const api = esales({ ..., clusterId: 'w00000000' });

We've also cleaned up the public API surface of the package slightly, by removing some internal/private features. There should not be any reason for using them, and thus should not affect upgrades:

  • Removed @apptus/esales-api/mock submodule. It exposed some helper functions for creating mocked objects of API responses.
  • Removed api.query.settings() method, which used a private/undocumented API endpoint
  • Removed webApiUrl. It's possible to provide a URL to clusterId if necessary. Any Integrators should prefer using an ID over URL for clusterId. When providing a URL to clusterId there should not be a /api/v2/ suffix, but instead simply end the path with '/' or ''.

Future work

This library is in active development. Highest on the agenda:

  • Open source the repository on Github
  • Make CHANGELOG.md more accessible (currently included in NPM package)


This library is packaged as an ES Module with zero dependencies. This requires the use of a pre-processor step since bare-imports are not natively supported in browsers (without import maps), but most build tools should handle this.

Additionally, in order to ship smallest possible bundle, the code is using a modern ES2022 syntax. This may not work with the desired browser support out of the box, and will likely require transpiling before use.


An example of how to transpile this library when building with Webpack is shown below. Something similar can be done with Rollup by using the include property with @rollup/babel-plugin.

// webpack.config.js
const { resolve } = require('path');

module.exports = {
  module: {
    rules: [
        test: /\.m?js$/,
        type: 'javascript/auto',
        include: [resolve(__dirname, 'node_modules/@apptus/esales-api')],
        use: ['babel-loader']


Depending on the level of required browser support, polyfills may need to be included before using this library. It is assumed that the following API's are available:

  • All ES2015 API's
  • globalThis.fetch
  • globalThis.URL
  • globalThis.crypto.randomUUID() (only when localStorageBackedSession() is used)
  • Object.entries
  • Object.values



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