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    The @appsignal/javascript integration for Webpack v4+.

    ⚠️ The Webpack plugin is currently in BETA. Please report any bugs to us here, your feedback is appreciated.


    Add the @appsignal/webpack packages to your package.json. Then, run yarn install/npm install.

    You can also add these packages to your package.json on the command line:

    yarn add @appsignal/webpack
    npm install --save @appsignal/webpack



    In a new or existing Webpack-based app, your webpack.config.js file would include something like this:

    const { AppsignalPlugin } = require("@appsignal/webpack")
    const config = {
      // ...other config here
      plugins: [
        // ...other plugins here (optional)
        new AppsignalPlugin({
          // required
          apiKey: "<your Push API key (NOT your frontend key!)>",
          release: "<a valid Git SHA>",
          appName: "<the app name as it appears on>",
          environment: "<the current environment>",
          urlRoot: "<the root URL where your sourcemaps are held>" | ["<an array of root URLs>"]
          // not required
          deleteAfterCompile: true | false, // OPTIONAL: cleanup sourcemap files after upload
          timeout: 5000 // OPTIONAL: increase max timeout of http client
      devtool: "source-map"
    module.exports = config



    This repository is a Lerna-managed monorepo, containing packages (located in the /packages directory) that map to separate npm modules.

    To install the dependencies:

    yarn install
    lerna bootstrap

    You can then run the following to start the compiler in watch mode. This automatically compiles both the ES Module and CommonJS variants:

    yarn build:watch

    You can also build the library without watching the directory:

    yarn build        # build both CJS and ESM
    yarn build:cjs    # just CJS
    yarn build:esm    # just ESM


    The tests for this library use Jest as the test runner. Once you've installed the dependencies, you can run the following command in the root of this repository to run the tests for all packages, or in the directory of a package to run only the tests pertaining to that package:

    yarn test


    This repo uses Semantic Versioning (often referred to as semver). Each package in the repository is versioned independently from one another.

    @TODO: define how this works once we know more about releasing


    Thinking of contributing to this repo? Awesome! 🚀

    Please follow our Contributing guide in our documentation and follow our Code of Conduct.

    Also, we would be very happy to send you Stroopwafles. Have look at everyone we send a package to so far on our Stroopwafles page.


    Contact us and speak directly with the engineers working on AppSignal. They will help you get set up, tweak your code and make sure you get the most out of using AppSignal.




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