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    Design System


    1. Add the design systen to your app: $ yarn add appsignal/design-system
    2. Add the CSS bundle to your Webpack entry point: import "@appsignal/design-system"
    3. Ensure you have publicPath: "/" setup in our output for webpack. See:
    4. Done


    When you're working on the design system it is usually nice to see the changes that you made right away without having to push to GitHub first. You can do so with yarn link.

    1. Clone the design system repo to your machine and cd to the folder
    2. Run yarn install
    3. Run yarn link

    The package is now available to be linked in other applications:

    1. Go to the project where you want to link this package in
    2. Run yarn link @appsignal/design-system

    When you make changes to the design system, you need to build a new version so the projects that consume this package can actually use this.

    While developing, the easiest way to build a new version is by running yarn build:watch. If you only want to build, but not watch for changes you can use yarn build.

    When you make a change, please make sure this gets added to the Changelog.

    Release a new version

    1. Create a new tag from main: $ git tag -a VERSION
    2. Push tag to GitHub: $ git push origin VERSION
    3. Create a new package for NPM: $ npm publish




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