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    AppGeist Storage

    An opinionated Express-based storage server featuring assets uploading and on-demand image-resizing. Like a self-hosted Cloudinary.

    Uses ImageMagick, multer and UUID.

    Requires ImageMagick with WebP support. Most linux distributions provide it by default and brew install imagemagick is everything you need to run to install it on macOS.



    • Sometimes you want your assets to be stored on your own server;
    • Most browsers can display WebP images and you should definitely use the new format whenever possible instead of jpg, png or gif;
    • You need your pictures in various sizes and/or formats for different screen resolutions, sizes and device capabilities, but you don't always know all the possible combinations a priori.


    Simple, with default options:

    const storage = require("@appgeist/storage");
    storage().listen(3000, err => {
      if (err) throw err;
      // eslint-disable-next-line no-console
      console.log("Storage server running...");

    As Express middleware, with custom config options:

    const express = require("express");
    const storage = require("@appgeist/storage");
    const app = express();
        storageDir: "./files",
        tmpDir: "./temp-uploads",
        maxUploadSize: 1024 * 1024 * 50, // 50 megabytes
        pictureQuality: 90,
        maxPicturePixels: 3840 * 2160 // 4K
    app.listen(3000, err => {
      if (err) throw err;
      // eslint-disable-next-line no-console
      console.log("Server running...");

    See @appgeist/example-storage-simple and @appgeist/example-storage-with-auth for more.

    Default config options

    Have a look at index.js to see the default config options; JSDoc comments are provided for IDE support.

    Uploading files

    Request payload

    Files can be uploaded by POSTing to the mountpoint or a subfolder (i.e. POST /assets or POST /assets/a/subfolder/to/store/the/uploaded/files) with the following body payload:

      file: fileData;

    ...where file represents the file multipart/form-data (provided, for instance by an <input type="file" /> tag, see multer docs for more info).

    Instead of simply uploading a file, the server can be instructed to dowload it from an accesible remote location by POSTing a URL instead of file data:

      url: "http://example.com/catz.jpg";

    The uploaded file will end up in ${storageDir}/assets or a subfolder, such as ${storageDir}/assets/a/subfolder/to/store/the/uploaded/files.

    A UUID/v4-based name will be generated for the uploaded file.

    If the uploaded file is an image (jpg/webp/png/gif), it will be converted to webp using ImageMagick library and resized to maxPicturePixels, otherwise it will simply be stored in the original format.


    • uploading catz.jpg to /assets will generate a file like /assets/9752d427-e6e2-4868-8abf-720db82421c2.webp;
    • uploading doc.pdf to /assets/docs will generate a file like /assets/docs/9752d427-e6e2-4868-8abf-720db82421c2.pdf;

    Server response

    When succesfully uploading catz.jpg to /assets/pics/animals, the server will respond with the following JSON:

      "path": "/pics/animals",
      "uuid": "9752d427-e6e2-4868-8abf-720db82421c2",
      "isPicture": true,
      "originalName": "catz.jpg",
      "aspectRatio": 1.77778


    • path is where the the image was uploaded;
    • uuid is a RFC-4122 unique identifier generated by UUID/v4;
    • isPicture is true (and false for non-picture uploads);
    • originalName is the original file name (or URL);
    • aspectRatio is the picture aspect ratio (determined by ImageMagick identify utility; this property is only present for picture file uploads).

    Serving files

    Stored picture files can be served in multiple formats, resized/centered/cropped to a specified size.

    Assuming a 9752d427-e6e2-4868-8abf-720db82421c2 uuid was issued by a previous picture upload, new files will be generated and served to GET requests like so:

    • /9752d427-e6e2-4868-8abf-720db82421c2.webp will serve the original picture;
    • /9752d427-e6e2-4868-8abf-720db82421c2-w800-h600.webp will serve the picture resized/centered/cropped to a width of 800px and a height of 600px;
    • /9752d427-e6e2-4868-8abf-720db82421c2-w50-h50-lq.webp will serve a low-quality picture resized/centered/cropped to 50x50 pixels (useful for LQIPs).

    Cropping and resizing only work for pictures. Other types of assets will only be served in the original format.


    Files generated for different sizes and formats are never deleted. This can quickly eat up your server space. Make sure to implement your own mechanism to delete old/unnecessary files!!!


    The ISC License.


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