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    What is this?

    This is a collection of helpers for testing react-gears browser UIs with Cypress. It provides "finder" functions for finding react-gears components in the DOM, Cypress commands for interacting with compomnents, and some fuzzy text-matching functions to promote more reliable tests.

    How do I use it?

    Install the commands at startup by adding a few lines to cypress/support/commands.js:

    import { commands as gears } from 'react-gears-cypress'
    // Adds all commands: clear, fill, gears, select. Pass string[] to
    // install just some of the commands.

    Then, in each test where you want to interact with react-gears components:

    import { BlockPanel, Datapair, Input, Select } from 'react-gears-cypress';
    cy.component(BlockPanel, 'Personal Information').within(() => {
      cy.component(Datapair, 'First Name').contains('Alice')
      cy.component(Input, 'Last Name').clear().type('Liddel')
      cy.component(Select, 'Favorite Color').select('red')

    Inputs and other components are always identified by their label/title. The intended usage is with the form-labelling component FormLabelGroup, which provides a <label> element for basically any nested component(s).

    import { FormLabelGroup, Input } from '@appfolio/react-gears';
    const TestableComponent = () => (
      <FormLabelGroup label="foo"><Input/></FormLabelGroup>

    To deal with labels, values and other text whose whitespace varies, you can use the match helpers which return a RegExp that can be passed instead of a string for more precise or relaxed matching.

    import {Datapair, match} from 'react-gears-cypress
    // Matches "Name" or "Name *" but not "First Name"
    cy.component(Datapair, match.exact('Name'))
    // Matches "foo bar", "foo badger bar", "foo badger badger mushroom bar", etc
    cy.component(Datapair, match.fuzzyFirstLast('foo', 'bar'))
    // Matches "foo\nbar baz", "foo     bar\nbaz", etc
    cy.component(Datapair, match.fuzzyMultiline('foo bar baz'))


    Building the repo

    npm run build

    Type-checking the repo

    npm run type-check

    And to run in --watch mode:

    npm run type-check:watch

    Releasing a new version

    To release a new version:

    1. Merge your work to master.

    2. Check package.json for the previously released version X.Y.Z.

    3. Run git log vX.Y.Z..HEAD to review new work from yourself and others. Decide on a new version number according to semver guidelines; for the sake of this example, let's say you decide the new version will be X.Y.W.

    • if you want a prerelease version, the preferred format is X.Y.Z-rc.0 (then rc.1, etc)
    1. Run npm version X.Y.W to bump to the new version you decided on above.
    • You can also use npm version <patch|minor|major> if you just want to increment one of those components.
    1. Run npm run build to produce distributables with the new version number.

    2. npm publish to share your distributables with the world.

    • if publishing a prerelease version you must add --tags=beta to the npm publish command!
    • otherwise, people will accidentally upgrade to your prerelease and you will be forced to support them
    1. git push and git push --tags to ensure that the npm version bump is preserved for posterity.




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