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    Appcircle Command Line Interface

    Appcircle CLI is a unified tool for accessing the Appcircle platform features from the command line.


    To install Appcircle CLI globally, simply launch:

    npm install -g @appcircle/cli

    alternatively, you can install Appcircle CLI locally:

    npm install @appcircle/cli

    Usage & Commands

    Simply launch the command on your Terminal/Command Line


    If you have installed it locally, you should run npx appcircle

    Below is the list of commands currently supported by Appcircle CLI:

    Command Description
    appcircle AppCircle GUI
    appcircle login [--pat] Get an access token for the session
    appcircle listBuildProfiles Get the list of build profiles
    appcircle listDistributionProfiles Get the list of distribution profiles
    appcircle listBuildProfileWorkflows [--profileId] Get the list of workflows for the profile
    appcircle build [--profileId] [--branch] [--workflow] Start a new build
    appcircle download [--path] [--commitId] [--buildId] Download the artifact under the selected path
    appcircle upload [--app] [--message] [--profileId] Upload your app binary to selected distribution profile
    appcircle createDistributionProfile [--name] Create a distribution profile
    appcircle listEnvironmentVariableGroups Get list of environment variable groups
    appcircle createEnvironmentVariableGroup [--name] Create an environment variable group
    appcircle listEnvironmentVariables [--variableGroupId] Get list of environment variables
    appcircle createEnvironmentVariable [--type] [-isSecret, --isSecret] [--variableGroupId] [--key] [--value] [--filePath] Create a file or text environment variable
    appcircle listEnterpriseProfiles List Enterprise profiles
    appcircle listEnterpriseAppVersions [--entProfileId] [--publishType] List Enterprise app versions
    appcircle publishEnterpriseAppVersion [--entProfileId] [--entVersionId] [--entVersionId] [--summary] [--releaseNotes] [--publishType] Publish Enterprise app version
    appcircle publishEnterpriseAppVersion [--entProfileId] [--entVersionId] Unpublish Enterprise app version
    appcircle removeEnterpriseAppVersion [--entProfileId] [--entVersionId] Remove Enterprise app version
    appcircle notifyEnterpriseAppVersion [--entProfileId] [--entVersionId] [--subject] [--message] Notify Enterprise app version
    appcircle uploadEnterpriseApp [--app] Upload Enterprise app version without a profile
    appcircle uploadEnterpriseAppVersion [--entProfileId] [--app] Upload enterprise app version for a profile
    appcircle getEnterpriseDownloadLink [--entProfileId] [--entVersionId] Get enterprise app download link

    Logging requests

    If you want to log the requests as curl commands you can start appcircle CLI by setting the CURL_LOGGING environment variable.


    CURL_LOGGING= appcircle

    How to Connect your Appcircle Account within CLI?

    Your token will be stored internally. You should always revoke your access token if you do not plan to use it in the future.

    How to start a new build via the Appcircle CLI?

    • Add a build profile and connect a repository

    • Get the build profile ID using appcircle listBuildProfiles

    • Get the workflows of that build profile appcircle listBuildProfileWorkflows --profileId="YOUR PROFILE ID"

    • Start a new build using appcircle build --profileId="YOUR PROFILE ID" --branch="YOUR BRANCH" --workflow="YOUR WORKFLOW ID"

    How to distribute an app via the Appcircle CLI?

    • Create a distribution profile and share with the testers
    • Enable auto sending of the build to the testers
    • Get the distribution profile ID using appcircle listDistributionProfiles
    • Upload your app binary to the selected distribution profile using appcircle upload --app="YOUR APP PATH" --profileId="YOUR PROFILE ID" --message="YOUR RELEASE NOTES"


    • Clone this repository
    • Install dependencies by using yarn command
    • Launch yarn run watch to compile & open the project on watch mode
    • Make your changes
    • Submit a PR


    • After changes, run the command yarn run postversion. It will push a new tag to the repository.
    • GitHub Actions will take care of the rest.



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