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Appcircle Command Line Interface

Appcircle CLI is a unified tool for accessing the Appcircle platform features from the command line.

Table of Contents

Installation Instructions

To install Appcircle CLI globally, simply launch:

npm install -g @appcircle/cli

alternatively, you can install Appcircle CLI locally:

npm install @appcircle/cli

Usage Guidelines

To get started :

  1. Follow the installation instructions

  2. Simply launch the command on your Terminal/Command Line


If you have installed it locally, you should run npx appcircle

  1. Set any needed environment variables.

  2. If you are using a self-signed SSL certificate on a self-hosted Appcircle server, trust the SSL certificate of the server to ensure secure communication between the CLI and the server.

  3. Authenticate into your Appcircle account.

Below is the list of commands currently supported by Appcircle CLI:

Core Commands

Run appcircle [commandName] --help to view a list of commands/subcommands in your terminal.

The commands follow this pattern:

appcircle <command> <subcommand> ... <subcommand> [options]
  • Run appcircle (-i, --interactive) to proceed with the Appcircle GUI

Environment Variables

  • AC_ACCESS_TOKEN: An authentication token for API requests. Setting this avoids being prompted to authenticate and overrides any previously stored credentials. Can be set in the config with appcircle config set AUTH_HOSTNAME xxxxxx

  • API_HOSTNAME: Specifies the host where the API endpoint is located. See also for more details.

  • AUTH_HOSTNAME: Specifies the host where your IAM (identity access management) server endpoint is located. See also for more details.

Interactive Mode

Appcircle CLI incorporates a GUI that allows users to interactively access its features. To view all features in interactive mode, execute the following command:

appcircle -i



Logging Requests

If you want to log the requests as curl commands you can start appcircle CLI by setting the CURL_LOGGING environment variable.


CURL_LOGGING= appcircle

Guides and Tutorials

Configuring Your Appcircle CLI Environment

  • Using the Appcircle CLI, add your custom configuration for self-hosted Appcircle

      appcircle config add self_env
      appcircle config set API_HOSTNAME https://api.your.appcircle.io
      appcircle config set AUTH_HOSTNAME https://auth.your.appcircle.io
  • Change current configuration enviroment using appcircle config current self_env

  • Set all these settings via interactive mode appcircle -i

  • Print help of config command appcircle config -h

Trusting Your Self-Hosted Appcircle Certificate

  • After you configure the Appcircle CLI, you can run the the command below to trust SSL certificate.

      appcircle config trust
  • This command will try to extract the SSL certificate from the API_HOSTNAME host and make it trusted on your computer.

  • For detailed usage, please refer to the Trusting SSL Certificate documentation.

Connecting Your Appcircle Account via CLI

Your token will be stored internally. You should always revoke your access token if you do not plan to use it in the future.

Starting a New Build via the Appcircle CLI

  • Add a build profile and connect a repository

  • Get the build profile ID using appcircle build profile list

  • Get the workflows of that build profile appcircle build profile workflows --profileId="YOUR PROFILE ID"

  • Start a new build using appcircle build start --profileId="YOUR PROFILE ID" --branch="YOUR BRANCH" --workflow="YOUR WORKFLOW ID"

Distributing an App via the Appcircle CLI

  • Create a distribution profile and share with the testers
  • Enable auto sending of the build to the testers
  • Get the distribution profile ID using appcircle testing-distribution profile list
  • Upload your app binary to the selected distribution profile using appcircle testing-distribution upload --app="YOUR APP PATH" --profileId="YOUR PROFILE ID" --message="YOUR RELEASE NOTES"

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