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ReactiveSearch Vue

Elasticsearch UI components for Vue.

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Vue UI components for Elasticsearch.

Banner Image showing all the UI components we offer


yarn add @appbaseio/reactivesearch-vue


The official docs for the library are at here.

The components are divided into four sections:

  • List based UI components are at here.
  • Range based UI components are at here.
  • Search UI components are at here.
  • Result components are at here.

Related tooling and projects

  • ReactiveSearch Dashboard All your Reactive Search related apps (created via interactive tutorial, shared by others, etc.) can be accessed from here.

  • ReactiveMaps is a similar project to Reactive Search that allows building realtime maps easily.

  • appbase-js While building search UIs is dandy with Reactive Search, you might also need to add some input forms. appbase-js comes in handy there.

  • dejavu allows viewing raw data within an appbase.io (or Elasticsearch) app. Soon to be released feature: An ability to import custom data from CSV and JSON files, along with a guided walkthrough on applying data mappings.

  • mirage ReactiveSearch components can be extended using custom Elasticsearch queries. For those new to Elasticsearch, Mirage provides an intuitive GUI for composing queries.


npm i @appbaseio/reactivesearch-vue

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