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    ReactiveSearch Native

    Elasticsearch UI components for React Native. Website 🌐

    Read the launch blog post here.

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    🚀 Jumpstart your app development with

    npm install @appbaseio/reactivesearch-native

    and the quickstart guide.


    Building a meaningful data-driven mobile app with React Native today takes anywhere between weeks to months.

    ReactiveSearch is built with the aim of bringing down the development lifecycle of a data-driven app to days.

    Learn once, write anywhere!

    ReactiveSearch offers cross-platform UI components that work not only for iOS and Android, but also for the web. These UI components can further directly talk to an Elasticsearch backend with a ReactiveBase backend provider component.

    Much like how Bootstrap and Materialize provide scaffolding to build styles for your website, ReactiveSearch provides scaffolding to build data-driven apps.


    • Works out of the box with an Elasticsearch index or service.
    • Cross-platform components - Works on both iOS and Android, with equivalent components also available for the web.
    • Bring your own design components and make them work with ReactiveSearch components.
    • Full theming support, components are built with primitives from
    • Built with accessibility in mind, all components have an interactive playground (see an example for DataSearch), live examples and comprehensive docs.

    A sneak peek of the UI components.

    Banner Image showing all the mobile UI components we offer

    💎 Get the iOS and Android designer templates for sketch.

    Try it out

    Run this example app with Snack Editor to see ReactiveSearch in action.

    • Or get your own app up and running in 15 mins by following the quickstart guide.


    Example Apps

    We have published the following apps to the App Store / Playstore.


    We welcome contributions in the form of issues, PRs. Please read the contribution guide.

    Debugging and Troubleshooting

    The simplest way to debug the app is using React Native Debugger. If you are having trouble running your react native app and are seeing any dependency warnings, reset cache via

    watchman watch-del-all
    yarn start --reset-cache


    npm i @appbaseio/reactivesearch-native

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