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Elasticsearch UI components for building data-driven Map UIs. Website 🌐

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Elasticsearch UI components for building data-driven Map UIs.

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ReactiveMaps is a complimentary library to ReactiveSearch. Map components require ReactiveSearch architecture and its root component to begin with. If you wish to build anything on reactivemaps, you’ll need to install reactivesearch along with it.

yarn add @appbaseio/reactivemaps @appbaseio/reactivesearch


Reactivemaps allow you to connect your google-map component with your Elasticsearch cluster and also enables it to talk to other reactive components. Not just that, it enhances the development experience by efficiently integrating the streaming enhancements on the map component allowing you to build realtime apps with maps seamlessly.

Reactivemap efficiently evaluates the map centers dynamically as the map updates and it also allows you to search on the map as it is moved. All and all, Reactivemap offers a rich bundled experience of realtime maps with a simple-to-use API.


1. Map component

ReactiveMap creates a data-driven map UI component. It is the key component for build map based experiences. - ReactiveMap

2. Complimentary sensor components

Besides the sensor components from reactivesearch, reactivemap is compatible with two other pre-defined sensor components - GeoDistanceSlider and GeoDistanceDropdown. You can read more about them in the docs

Live Demos

A set of live demos inspired by real world apps, built with Reactivemaps.

  • Airbeds - An airbnb-like booking search experience.
  • Datalayers - Demo combining the dark forces of datalayer and Reactivemaps.
  • Meetup Blast - A kickass meetup inspired search app built with Reactivemaps.


The official docs for the library are at https://opensource.appbase.io/reactive-manual.

Related tooling and projects

  • ReactiveSearch Everything you need to know about reactivesearch.

  • appbase-js While building search UIs is dandy with Reactive Search, you might also need to add some input forms. appbase-js comes in handy there.

  • dejavu allows viewing raw data within an appbase.io (or Elasticsearch) app. Soon to be released feature: An ability to import custom data from CSV and JSON files, along with a guided walkthrough on applying data mappings.

  • mirage ReactiveSearch components can be extended using custom Elasticsearch queries. For those new to Elasticsearch, Mirage provides an intuitive GUI for composing queries.




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