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deprecated in favour of useRequest

Connect a Component to the result of an API request.


npm install --save @app-elements/with-request


import withRequest from '@app-elements/with-request'

// Here is a view that will render the result of our API request
const User = ({ id, name, email }) =>
  <div key={`user-${id}`}>

// Now we use withRequest to wrap the User component in a 
// Higher order Component (HoC) that will call the User Component
// with the result of the API request.
const enhance = withRequest({
  // Define the url that should be called. You can pass a string, or
  // a function that's called with `props`. In this case, we'll use a
  // function so we can get the `{ id }` prop passed down by our Router.
  // Pretend the current URL is `users/3` where `3` is the `{ id }`
  endpoint: ({ id }) => `https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/users/${id}`

// Since withRequest is a HoC, it returns a function that expects
// to be called with a Component as its only param.
export default enhance(User)


Internally, withRequest relies on a makeRequest function which is a small wrapper around XHR that returns a promise and the xhr reference. This allows withRequest to abort ongoing requests if a new one is requested. (In the future this should be swapped for Fetch and AbortController)

Anyway, makeRequest also let's you set an apiUrl so you can make requests with just a pathname: auth/login instead of https://my-cool-api.herokuapp.com/auth/login.

To enable this:

import { configure } from '@app-elements/with-request/makeRequest'

configure({ apiUrl: 'https://my-cool-api.herokuapp.com' })


Prop Type Default Description
endpoint Function or String None The url to call, or a function that returns a the url to call.
parse Function None A function to parse the API response. If provided, will be called with the signature (result, prevResult) and whatever it returns will be cached as the result.

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