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Manage site redirects for ApostropheCMS


First make sure you have an Apostrophe project!


npm install @apostrophecms/redirect


In app.js, add the module to your configuration:

  shortName: 'MYPROJECT',
  modules: {
    '@apostrophecms/redirect': {}


Defaults to 302 By passing statusCode to your configuration you can change the default status code value. Accepted values are 301 and 302

// Other modules, then...
'@apostrophecms/redirect': {
  options: {
    statusCode: 301

Note that permanent redirects are cached by Google for a long time. It is a good idea to encourage users to test with a temporary redirect first, then switch to permanent which is an SEO best practice — as long as it's correct.


Defaults to @apostrophecms/page By passing withType to your configuration you can specify the document type your internal redirects can redirect to.

// Other modules, then...
'@apostrophecms/redirect': {
  options: {
    withType: 'article'

Note: Apostrophe 2 supported creating relationships to multiple doc types from a single interface. This feature doesn't yet exist in the newer versions of Apostrophe, as such redirects can only specify a single doc type to redirect to.


For performance the redirect check can be skipped for URLs matching certain regular expressions. The default configuration of the skip option is:

// Other modules, then...
'@apostrophecms/redirect': {
  options: {
    skip: [ /\/api\/v1\/.*/ ]

If you wish to skip other patterns, we recommend keeping the default one as it speeds up API calls.


While logged in as an admin, click the "Redirects" button. A list of redirects appears, initially empty. Add as many redirects as you like. The "from" URL must begin with a /. The "to" URL may be anything and need not be on your site. The "description" field is for your own convenience.

By default a redirect includes any query string (the ? and whatever follows it, up to but not including any #) on incoming requests when matching for redirection. You can toggle the "ignore query string when matching" option in a redirect definition to ignore query strings on incoming requests and only match on the base URL path. A redirect that does not use this option will always match first, so you can match various specific query strings and then have a fallback rule for other cases.

Be aware that each redirect is live as soon as you save it and that it is possible to make a mess with redirects. In a pinch, you can remove unwanted redirects via the MongoDB command line client (look for { type: "@apostrophecms/redirect" } in the aposDocs collection in MongoDB).

Also be aware that Apostrophe already creates "soft redirects" every time you change the slug of a page, provided the page has been accessed at least once at the old URL. So you shouldn't need manually created "hard redirects" in that situation.

Extending the module

Providing a fallback handler

If you wish to handle redirects in another way when this module does not find a match, you can do so by listening for the @apostrophecms/redirect:noMatch event. This event handler receives req, result. To issue a redirect, set result.redirect in your event handler. To issue a "raw" redirect to which any sitewide prefix is not appended automatically, set result.rawRedirect in your event handler. You can also set result.status to match your need as the status code of the redirection, default is 302.
If you wish to alter the target url when a redirection is about to come, like for example to change the domain, you can listen to the @apostrophecms/redirect:beforeRedirect. This event handler receives req, result. result will have two properties that you can alter before the redirection: status and url. Do not call req.res.redirect() yourself in your event handler in those two cases.

For example:

// modules/redirect-fallback/index.js
module.exports = {
  handlers(self) {
    return {
      '@apostrophecms/redirect:noMatch': {
        // will be awaited, you can do queries here if needed
        async fallback(req, result) {
          if (req.url.match(/pattern/)) {
            result.redirect = '/destination';

Preempting the redirect module

If your goal is to preempt this module by making a decision to redirect differently in some cases before this module looks for a match, register your own middleware and perform the redirect there. Use before to specify that your own module's middleware comes first.

For example:

// modules/early-redirect/index.js
module.exports = {
  middleware(self) {
    return {
      earlyRedirect: {
        before: '@apostrophecms/redirect',
        middleware(req, res, next) {
          if (req.url.match(/pattern/)) {
            return res.redirect('/destination');
          } else {
            return next();

Executing the middleware sooner

By default the middleware of this module that checks for redirect is executed depending on the place of this module in your modules configuration.
You can choose to execute it before any other module by setting the before option, indicating before which module middleware this one should run (for example @apostrophecms/global).
Note that by doing this, the above preemption will not work anymore.

Redirecting to other locales

It's possible to redirect from one locale to another one, with external redirections, since you manually define the url to redirect to.

As for internal redirects (relationships with pages), this works across locales as well, but keep in mind that you will only see the internal redirects that target the current locale when managing redirects. To find redirects that target an internal page in a different locale, switch locales before viewing "Manage Redirects."

A note for developers: a query builder called currentLocaleTarget hides redirects that have relationships to other locales (different from the current one). If you want to get all redirects whatever the locale of their internal redirects you can undo this behavior using the query builder:

const redirects = await self.apos.modules['@apostrophecms/redirect']




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