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    APISuite UI Extension Type Definitions

    This library provides the typings and a base (abstract) implementation of the APISuite UI Extensions system.

    The goal of this project is to provide static typing support for extension developers so that the APISuite and UI extensions, even though they're separate projects, can have dev-time type hints and an enforceable build-time contract that should also help making sure that a given extension is compatible with the APISuite Portal where it is being used.

    The library is rather small and as such we encourage using the code as documentation.

    You can also refer to the Example UI Extension that uses these type definitions for a fully-featured but simple extension example.

    Using the library

    To install this library, run the following adapting the version you want:

    npm install --save-dev @apisuite/extension-ui-types

    You can then import the type definitions you need in your project:

    import { Extension, Hooks, MenuEntry } from "@apisuite/extension-ui-types/v1";
    class MyExtension extends Extension {
      // ...


    To learn how to use the library and read the types documentation, refer to the public documentation page: https://cloudoki.github.io/apisuite-extension-ui-types/

    Developing the library

    Local install

    If you're working on the library itself you can install it in other projects locally with the following command:

    npm install /local/path/to/apisuite-extension-ui-types/dist


    To build the project run:

    npm run build

    This will create the bundled project in the dist/ folder.

    Release a new version

    To release a new version use npm's version command.

    For instance, to create a patch release, run:

    npm version patch

    This will build the project, increment the version's patch field, commit these new changes and tag the commit.

    Then, to publish the package to the npm registry, run:

    npm run dist

    Generate documentation

    When you build the project (using npm run build), it also generates TypeDoc documentation in the docs/ folder. This allows us to have that documentation served using GitHub Pages.

    To publish the updated documentation to GitHub Pages, run

    npm run deploy-docs

    NPM scripts

    • npm t: Run test suite
    • npm start: Run npm run build in watch mode
    • npm run test:watch: Run test suite in interactive watch mode
    • npm run test:prod: Run linting and generate coverage
    • npm run build: Generate bundles and typings, create docs
    • npm run deploy-docs: Generate docs and push them to the docs branch.
    • npm run lint: Lints code
    • npm run commit: Commit using conventional commit style (husky will tell you to use it if you haven't 😉)




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