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    Apideck File Picker

    A React file picker component that works with the Apideck File Storage API.

    Sign up for a free account at to obtain an API key and App ID.


    Install the component

    yarn add @apideck/file-picker

    Create a Vault session inside your application to get a JSON Web Token.

    Pass the JWT together with your App ID and a consumer ID to the FilePicker component

    import { FilePicker } from '@apideck/file-picker'
    import '@apideck/file-picker/dist/styles.css'
    const MyComponent = () => {
      const handleSelect = (file) => {
      return (
          trigger={<button>Pick a file</button>}

    You can also provide a file through the fileToSave prop that will force the FilePicker to go into "Upload" mode. This will allow the user to select the connector and folder that the file needs to get saved to.


    Property Type Required Default Description
    token string true - The JSON Web Token returned from the Create Session call
    onSelect event false - The function that gets called when a file is selected
    onConnectionSelect event false - The function that gets called when a connection is selected
    trigger element false - The component that should trigger the File Picker modal on click
    title string false Apideck File Picker Title shown in the modal
    subTitle string false Select a file Subtitle shown in the modal
    showAttribution boolean false true Show "Powered by Apideck" in the backdrop of the modal backdrop
    open boolean false false Opens the file picker if set to true
    onClose event false - Function that gets called when the modal is closed
    fileToSave file false - Forces "Upload" mode to select the folder to upload the provided file

    Using Tailwind?

    The FilePicker is styled using Tailwind CSS. If you were to use the File Picker component in a project that also uses Tailwind CSS, you can omit the CSS file import, and include the package in the purge path of the tailwind.config.css.

    // tailwind.config.js
    purge: [




    npm i @apideck/file-picker

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