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    A selector for the OAuth scope. It provides an UI to enter a scope for the AOuth settings.



    Use the allowed-scopes attribute to provide a list of predefined scopes supported by the endpoint. When the list is set, autocomplete will be enabled in the selector. Autocomplete is supported by the paper-autocomplete element.

    Setting prevent-custom-scopes it will dissallow adding a scope that is not defined in the allowed-scopes array.


    <oauth2-scope-selector prevent-custom-scopes></oauth2-scope-selector>

    And in JavaScript

    var selector = document.querySelector('oauth2-scope-selector');
    selector.allowedScopes = ['profile', 'email'];

    Adding scope documentation

    It is possible to display a documentation alongside the scope. In this case the user will see a description below the scope name in the selected scopes list.

    For it to work the allowedScopes array must contain objects with required keys: label and description.

    var scopes = [
      {'label': 'user', 'description': 'Grants read/write access to profile info only. Note that this scope includes user:email and user:follow.'},
      {'label': 'user:email', 'description': 'Grants read access to a user\'s email addresses.'},
      {'label': 'user:follow', 'description': 'Grants access to follow or unfollow other users.'}
    var selector = document.querySelector('oauth2-scope-selector');
    selector.allowedScopes = scopes;

    The list will be passed to the paper-autocomplete (which is not supporting the description property yet), and will render different list of selected scopes with the description.

    See demo for more details.


    <oauth2-scope-selector> provides the following custom properties and mixins for styling:

    Custom property Description Default
    --oauth2-scope-selector Mixin applied to the element {}
    --oauth2-scope-selector-label Mixin applied to the label element (title of the control) {}
    --oauth2-scope-selector-list-item Mixin applied to each selected scope item. Consider setting paper-item styles for theming. {}


    Use this mixins as a theming option across all ARC elements.

    Custom property Description Default
    --icon-button Mixin applied to paper-icon-buttons. {}
    --icon-button-hover Mixin applied to paper-icon-buttons when hovered. {}
    --form-label Mixin applied to all labels that are form elements {}




    npm i @api-components/oauth2-scope-selector

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