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    This component is being deprecated. The code base has been moved to amf-components module. This module will be archived when PR 1 is merged.

    Common functions used by AMF components to compute AMF values. This mixin is safe to use in both Polymer and LitElement projects as well as pure web components.

    Published on NPM

    Tests and publishing

    Version compatibility

    This version only works with AMF model version 2 (AMF parser >= 4.0.0). For compatibility with previous model version use 3.x.x version of the component.

    Updating API's base URI

    (Only applies when using _computeUri() function)

    By default the component render the documentation as it is defined in the AMF model. Sometimes, however, you may need to replace the base URI of the API with something else. It is useful when the API does not have base URI property defined (therefore this component render relative paths instead of URIs) or when you want to manage different environments.

    To update base URI value update the baseUri property.

    When the component constructs the final URI for the endpoint it does the following:

    • if the baseUri is set it uses this value as a base URI for the endpoint
    • else if amf is set then it computes base URI value from main model document Then it concatenates computed base URI with endpoint's path property.

    Using AMF keys

    The mixin has AMF's model namespace defined under ns property. Use this structure to request AMF key (for example when calling _getAmfKey()). AMF keys may change over time. This way it allows to manage the keys change easier as the components don't have to change, just this mixin.

    don't do this

    const key = this._getAmfKey(this.ns.aml.vocabularies.document + 'encodes');
    const key = shape[this.ns.aml.vocabularies.document + 'encodes'];

    do this

    const key = this._getAmfKey(this.ns.aml.vocabularies.document.encodes);
    const value = model[key];
    // acceptable only if AMF model is not compact.
    const value = model[this.ns.aml.vocabularies.document.encodes];


    npm i @api-components/amf-helper-mixin


    import { LitElement } from 'lit-element';
    import { AmfHelperMixin } from '@api-components/amf-helper-mixin/amf-helper-mixin.js';
    class AmfHelperImpl extends AmfHelperMixin(LitElement) {
      static get properties() {
        return {
          myProp: { type: String }


    git clone https://github.com/@advanced-rest-client/amf-helper-mixin
    cd amf-helper-mixin
    npm install

    Running the tests

    npm test


    Create a PR to the master branch. Once the master branch has a new commit the .github/workflows/deployment.yaml script runs which will publish the release to GitHub and to NPM. Note, you need to manually set a new version of the package.


    npm i @api-components/amf-helper-mixin

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