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Please use new @angular-extensions/model package which is a combination of both the model library and related schematics which renders this package uselsess. The new package can also be added to every Angular CLI project using ng add @angular-extensions/model.


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Angular Extensions Schematics

by @tomastrajan

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Getting started

  1. enter your project which was generated with Angular CLI v6+.
  2. install dependencies with npm i -D @angular-extensions/schematics and npm i -S ngx-model
  3. generate model services with ng g @angular-extensions/schematics:model --name path/my-model
  4. or with ng g @angular-extensions/schematics:model --name path/my-model --items form model of collection of items
  5. add your own model service methods and tests

Generating model using schematics

Supported schematics

  • model
  • something else (please file an issue with the description of desired behaviour)

Development of additional schematics

If you would like to create a PR with additional useful schematics these commands may be useful...


Use npm link in the project directory and npm link @angular-extensions/schematics in target project which was generated by Angular CLI.

Then you can execute available schematics with ng g <@angular-extensions/schematics:<selected-schematics> --name <path/name> to try it out.

Unit Testing

npm run test will run the unit tests, using Jasmine as a runner and test framework.


npm i @angular-extensions/schematics

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