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Platform Tools

Provides Ionic Framework way class mapping of current platform and orientation on the root document node ´html´ for usage inside scss or :host-context selecting.


Simply inject the service in your root app component and it will add classes to your document.

import {PlatformToolsService} from "./platform-tools.service";

export class AppComponent {
  public constructor(
      // ... 
    private readonly platformService: PlatformToolsService
      // ... 
  ) {


Now you're able to use :host-context(.plt-tablet) at Angular Component SCSS level for writing context based css, or use at global.scss/style.scss as selector .plt-tablet > app-component { ... }.

Available class selectors:

Selector Name Description
plt-android a device running Android
plt-desktop a desktop device
plt-ios a device running iOS
plt-ipad an iPad device
plt-iphone an iPhone device
plt-mobile a mobile device
plt-mobileweb a web browser running in a mobile device
plt-phablet a phablet device
plt-pwa a PWA app
plt-tablet a tablet device
is-landscape a device with landscape orientation
is-portrait a device with portrait orientation


Inside your Angular Component Stylesheet SCSS

:host {
  display: block;
  width: 100%;
  height: 100vh;

// set color of font to white on ios platform
:host-context(.plt-ios) {
  :host {
    color: white;
// set background color to blue on tablet
:host-context(.plt-tablet) {
  :host {
    background-color: blue;
  // set background color red if tablet and landscape
  :host-context(.is-landscape) {
    :host {
      background-color: red;

Or inside your style.scss / global.scss without :host-context since it is only available inside component scss scopes.

html.plt-ios {
 // ... your rules

// or



Platform class mapping won't change if simply changing device emulator inside Chrome since platform evaluation is done only on boot. A Reload will be needed. Screen orientation will be update on screenorientation change by listening to the window resize event.



To the Ionic Framework core team for the inspiration.

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