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⚠️⚠️⚠️ The project was taken from https://github.com/acro5piano/react-native-big-calendar ⚠️⚠️⚠️

Cross-platform gcal/outlook like calendar component for React Native.

⚠️ Help me to debug this component ⚠️

It's a hard task to debug three platforms. I usually develop with the Web version first, then confirm its functionality with real devices. My PC is Linux and my phone is Android, so Android is easiliy tested, but to debug on iOS, I have to bring my Macbook Pro from my garage and connect my wife's iPhone and test it. Every time I launch my Macbook Pro, it requires the Xcode update and even full system update. It takes so long time to start debug. As React Native works on iOS better than Android, I always sometimes skip testing it, so there should be a bug on iOS. If you help me debug it, I would much appreciate!

Components Demo


  • Cross Platform: Runs on the Web, iOS, Android with the power of React
  • Type-safe: Fully written in TypeScript
  • Customizable: Able to provide your own theme, and pass your component to render.
  • Lightweight: ~37.4KB, dependency is dayjs and calendarize and merge-anything


npm install --save react-native-big-calendar@2.0.0-rc

Or if you use Yarn:

yarn add react-native-big-calendar@2.0.0-rc

Other dependencies

Please ensure peer dependencies are installed.

npm install react react-native


If you use TypeScript ensure @types/react and @types/react-native is installed. react-native-big-calendar internally uses them.

npm install --save-dev @types/react @types/react-native

Usage on the Web

If you are using this module on the Web, please install react-native-web.

npm install react-native-web

If you are using Create React App, you are ready to go 🎉

For more details, please refer to the official react-native-web installation guide.


Getting Started

import { Calendar } from 'react-native-big-calendar'

const events = [
    title: 'Meeting',
    start: new Date(2020, 1, 11, 10, 0),
    end: new Date(2020, 1, 11, 10, 30),
    title: 'Coffee break',
    start: new Date(2020, 1, 11, 15, 45),
    end: new Date(2020, 1, 11, 16, 30),

function App() {
  return <Calendar events={events} height={600} />

API Documentation


export interface CalendarProps<T> {
  events: ICalendarEvent<T>[]
  height: number
  overlapOffset?: number
  ampm?: boolean
  date?: Date
  eventCellStyle?: EventCellStyle<T>
  renderEvent?: (
    event: ICalendarEvent<T>,
    touchableOpacityProps: CalendarTouchableOpacityProps,
  ) => ReactElement | null
  locale?: string
  hideNowIndicator?: boolean
  mode?: Mode
  scrollOffsetMinutes?: number
  showTime?: boolean
  swipeEnabled?: boolean
  weekStartsOn?: WeekNum
  weekEndsOn?: WeekNum
  onChangeDate?: DateRangeHandler
  onPressCell?: (date: Date) => void
  onPressDateHeader?: (date: Date) => void
  onPressEvent?: (event: ICalendarEvent<T>) => void

<Calendar /> Props are:

name required type description
events yes ICalendarEvent<T>[] The events which will be rendered on the calendar. You can extend the type ICalendarEvent by providing a value to generic type T (see ./stories/events.tsx for an example). with optional children to display custom components inside the event, and optional event renderer function to take complete control over the rendered event (advanced feature). Events that occur during the same time range will be layered, offset, and given a unique color.
height yes number Calendar height.
hideNowIndicator no boolean Hides the indicator for the current time. By default the now indicator is shown.
onPressEvent no (event: ICalendarEvent<T>) => void Event handler which will be fired when the user clicks an event.
onChangeDate no ([start: Date, end: Date]) => void Event handler which will be fired when the current date range changed.
onPressCell no (date: Date) => void Event handler which will be fired when the current date cell is clicked. The minute set to 0.
onPressDateHeader no (date: Date) => void Event handler which will be fired when the user clicks a date from the header.
mode no 'month' | 'week' | '3days' | 'day' | 'custom'
eventCellStyle no ViewStyle | (event: ICalendarEvent<T>) => ViewStyle The style of Event cell. Accepts either style object (static) or function (dynamic).
scrollOffsetMinutes no number Scroll to specific minutes in a day. e.g.) set 480 to scroll to 8am when the calendar rendered.
date no Date Initial date. Defualts to Date
swipeEnabled no boolean
showTime no boolean
ampm no boolean Use 12 hours time format instead of 24 hours.
weekStartsOn no 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 Which day the week starts on. Sunday is 0.
weekEndsOn no 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 Which day the week ends on. Sunday is 0.
locale no string Custom locale. See I18n section
overlapOffset no number Adjusts the indentation of events that occur during the same time period. Defaults to 20 on web and 8 on mobile.
isRTL no boolean Switches the direction of the layout for use with RTL languages. Defaults to false.
renderEvent no EventRenderer Custom event renderer. See below type definition.
renderHeader no HeaderRenderer Custom header renderer.


type EventRenderer<T> = (
  event: ICalendarEvent<T>,
  touchableOpacityProps: CalendarTouchableOpacityProps,
) => ReactElement | null

For more information, see Storybook


interface ICalendarEventBase<T> {
  start: Date
  end: Date
  title: string
  children?: ReactElement | null

export type ICalendarEvent<T = any> = ICalendarEventBase<T> & T

Using a custom event render function

You can specify custom event render function which receives the calculated TouchableOpacity prop and event.

  • The function renderEvent must return a ReactElement.
  • The component should be wrapped inside a TouchableOpacity or any DOM element which accepts positioning and click events (onPress, ...).
export interface MyCustomEventType {
  color: string

const renderEvent = (
  event: ICalendarEvent<MyCustomEventType>,
  touchableOpacityProps: CalendarTouchableOpacityProps,
) => (
  <TouchableOpacity {...touchableOpacityProps}>
    <Text>{`My custom event: ${event.title} with a color: ${event.color}`}</Text>

<Calendar renderEvent={renderEvent} />

Displaying event's notes

Your events can contain a prop children An example can be found here.

const eventNotes = useMemo(
  () => (
    <View style={{ marginTop: 3 }}>
      <Text style={{ fontSize: 10, color: 'white' }}> Phone number: 555-123-4567 </Text>
      <Text style={{ fontSize: 10, color: 'white' }}> Arrive 15 minutes early </Text>

export const myEvents: ICalendarEvent[] = [
    title: 'Custom reminder',
    start: dayjs().set('hour', 16).set('minute', 0).toDate(),
    end: dayjs().set('hour', 17).set('minute', 0).toDate(),
    children: eventNotes,


Please specity your locale via locale prop and import day.js locale file:

import 'dayjs/locale/ja'

  {/* ... */}

You can find your dayjs locale here:



Who's using this?

If you are using this library, please send a PR to add your organization!

Enterprise support

First, thank you for your interest in this project. As this library is getting famous, lots of people are requesting features they need. I would like to respond all of them as possible, but there are limited hours I'm working on this. To be a full-time open sourcer and make this project sustainable, I've decided to add the enterprise support.

Enterprise customers are able to obtain:

  • Full customization like colors, logos, images, and more.
  • Priority response and development.
  • Consultancy for React, TypeScript, and React Native application.

Note that Enterprise features will be distributed to the OSS version.

If you are interested in those features, please send an email to: ketsume0211@gmail.com

Hire me

I'm a freelance software engineer specialized in React, React Native and TypeScript. Also available for GraphQL and RDB backend, and Node.JS applications.

If you are interested in hiring me, please send an email to: ketsume0211@gmail.com

I'm based in Japan (by the beautiful sea), so a remote contract job is especially welcome.




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