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    Official Amplitude SDK for Web


    To get started with using Amplitude Browser SDK, install the package to your project via NPM or script loader.

    Using Node package

    This package is published on NPM registry and is available to be installed using npm and yarn.

    # npm
    npm install @amplitude/analytics-browser
    # yarn
    yarn add @amplitude/analytics-browser

    Using script loader

    Alternatively, the package is also distributed through a CDN. Copy and paste the script below to your html file.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    !function(){"use strict";!function(e,t){var r=e.amplitude||{_q:[]};if(r.invoked)e.console&&console.error&&console.error("Amplitude snippet has been loaded.");else{r.invoked=!0;var n=t.createElement("script");n.type="text/javascript",n.integrity="sha384-LRqQslnCLN5Y5/WML9z04UjXrLxTaaAlEcWCBN5yhzUYR+3bekPziHIuZlJCwBuk",n.crossOrigin="anonymous",n.async=!0,n.src="",n.onload=function(){e.amplitude.runQueuedFunctions||console.log("[Amplitude] Error: could not load SDK")};var s=t.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];function v(e,t){e.prototype[t]=function(){return this._q.push({name:t,,0)}),this}}s.parentNode.insertBefore(n,s);for(var o=function(){return this._q=[],this},i=["add","append","clearAll","prepend","set","setOnce","unset","preInsert","postInsert","remove","getUserProperties"],a=0;a<i.length;a++)v(o,i[a]);r.Identify=o;for(var u=function(){return this._q=[],this},c=["getEventProperties","setProductId","setQuantity","setPrice","setRevenue","setRevenueType","setEventProperties"],l=0;l<c.length;l++)v(u,c[l]);r.Revenue=u;var p=["getDeviceId","setDeviceId","regenerateDeviceId","getSessionId","setSessionId","getUserId","setUserId","setOptOut","setTransport"],d=["init","add","remove","track","logEvent","identify","groupIdentify","setGroup","revenue"];function f(e){function t(t,r){e[t]=function(){var n={promise:new Promise((r=>{e._q.push({name:t,,0),resolve:r})}))};if(r)return n}}for(var r=0;r<p.length;r++)t(p[r],!1);for(var n=0;n<d.length;n++)t(d[n],!0)}f(r),e.amplitude=r}}(window,document)}();


    Initializing SDK

    Initialization is necessary before any instrumentation is done. The API key for your Amplitude project is required.


    Tracking an Event

    Events represent how users interact with your application. For example, “Button Clicked” may be an action you want to note.

    import { track } from '@amplitude/analytics-browser';
    // Track a basic event
    track('Button Clicked');
    // Track events with additional properties
    const eventProperties = {
      selectedColors: ['red', 'blue'],
    track('Button Clicked', eventProperties);

    User Properties

    User properties help you understand your users at the time they performed some action within your app such as their device details, their preferences, or language.

    import { Identify, identify } from '@amplitude/analytics-browser';
    const event = new Identify();
    // sets the value of a user property
    event.set('key1', 'value1');
    // sets the value of a user property only once
    event.setOnce('key1', 'value1');
    // increments a user property by some numerical value.
    event.add('value1', 10);
    // pre inserts a value or values to a user property
    event.preInsert('ab-tests', 'new-user-test');
    // post inserts a value or values to a user property
    event.postInsert('ab-tests', 'new-user-test');
    // removes a value or values to a user property
    event.remove('ab-tests', 'new-user-test')
    // sends identify event


    • append will append a value or values to a user property array.
    • prepend will prepend a value or values to a user property.

    User Groups

    import { setGroup } from '@amplitude/analytics-browser';
    // set group with single group name
    setGroup('orgId', '15');
    // set group with multiple group names
    setGroup('sport', ['soccer', 'tennis']);

    Group Identify

    This feature is only available to Growth and Enterprise customers who have purchased the Accounts add-on.

    Use the Group Identify API to set or update properties of particular groups. However, these updates will only affect events going forward.

    import { Identify, groupIdentify } from '@amplitude/analytics-browser';
    const groupType = 'plan';
    const groupName = 'enterprise';
    const event = new Identify()
    event.set('key1', 'value1');
    groupIdentify(groupType, groupName, identify);

    Track Revenue

    Revenue instances will store each revenue transaction and allow you to define several special revenue properties (such as 'revenueType', 'productIdentifier', etc.) that are used in Amplitude's Event Segmentation and Revenue LTV charts. These Revenue instance objects are then passed into revenue to send as revenue events to Amplitude. This allows us to automatically display data relevant to revenue in the platform. You can use this to track both in-app and non-in-app purchases.

    import { Revenue, revenue } from '@amplitude/analytics-browser';
    const event = new Revenue()


    All asynchronous API are optionally awaitable through a specific Promise interface. This also serves as callback interface.

    // Using async/await
    const results = await track('Button Clicked').promise;
    result.event; // {...} (The final event object sent to Amplitude)
    result.code; // 200 (The HTTP response status code of the request.
    result.message; // "Event tracked successfully" (The response message)
    // Using promises
    track('Button Clicked').promise.then((result) => {
      result.event; // {...} (The final event object sent to Amplitude)
      result.code; // 200 (The HTTP response status code of the request.
      result.message; // "Event tracked successfully" (The response message)


    npm i @amplitude/analytics-browser

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