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This plugin helps in integrating Opentelemetry into your app generated by Amplication and sends the telemetry data to the Jaeger agent.


Provides a way to integrate opentelemetry into your app generated by Amplication by adding the required dependencies and configuration files. OpenTelemetry is a collection of tools, APIs, and SDKs used to instrument, generate, collect, and export telemetry data (metrics, logs, and traces) for analysis in order to understand your software's performance and behavior. The implemented solution follow the jeager architecture with With OpenTelemetry Collector described here: https://www.jaegertracing.io/docs/1.54/architecture/#with-opentelemetry-collector


This plugin requires the following settings during plugin configuration:

  • serviceName - The name of the service that will be used in the configuration file. It is optional and if not provided, the name of the app will be used.

  • OTEL_COLLECTOR_PORT_GRPC - The port of the collector that will be used in the configuration file. Default value is 4317.

  • OTEL_COLLECTOR_PORT_HTTP - The port of the collector for http that will be used in the configuration file. Default value is 4316.

  • JAEGER_AGENT_PORT - The port of the jaeger agent that will be used in the configuration file. This exposes the jaeger agent UI to the port specified. Default value is 16686


  "serviceName": "my-service",
  "JAEGER_AGENT_PORT": "16686"

Working with the plugin

It can be used by adding the plugin in the plugins page of the app settings. The plugin can be added by providing the settings as shown in the Configuration section.

Results in creating a otel-config.yml file in the root of the app. This file is used to configure the opentelemetry sdk. The file is created by using the template file and replacing the placeholders with the values provided in the plugin configuration.

The plugin also adds the required dependencies in the package.json file and installs them.

This also creates the required environment variables in the .env file and a docker compose for setting up the jaeger agent and OpenTelemetry collector.


Follow the steps below to use the created app. Make sure to have the prerequisites installed :- Docker and Docker Compose.

Local development

  1. Install the dependencies
npm install
  1. Generate the prisma client
$ npm run prisma:generate
  1. Start the database, Jaeger agent and OpenTelemetry collector
$ npm run docker:dev
  1. Start the app and see the traces in the Jaeger UI
# initialize the database
$ npm run db:init

# start the server component
$ npm run start


# start the server component as a docker container
$ npm run compose:up



Running npm run build will bundle your plugin with Webpack for production.


Running npm run dev will watch your plugin's source code and automatically bundle it with every change.


Running npm run lint will lint your plugin's source code. If run with npm run lint:fix it will also fix the linting errors.


Running npm run format:write will format your plugin's source code.




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