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    yeoman generator for a bare-bones One App holocron Module

    🤹‍ Usage

    Assuming you have npx installed (comes with npm on versions 5.2.0 and above):

    npx -p yo -p @americanexpress/generator-one-app-module -- yo @americanexpress/one-app-module

    The generator will start up and prompt you with the following questions:

    Optional Flags


    If you'd like to include internationalization in your module without being prompted, you can pass in the --setupInternationalizationByDefault flag. Your command will look as follows:

    yo @americanexpress/one-app-module --setupInternationalizationByDefault

    Alternatively, if you choose to compose generator-one-app-module with another generator, you can pass the setupInternationalizationByDefault value in an object as the second argument to the Yeoman ComposeWith function, like so:

    const CustomExtension = require.resolve('./path-to-custom-extension');
    module.exports = class extends Generator {
      initializing() {
        { setupInternationalizationByDefault: true });

    Doing this, you're able to extend the generator-one-app-module generator, enable internationalization by default, and add additional prompts and logic in your custom extension.

    More on composing generators here.

    Bundling modules

    For more information about what happens after bundling your module, read Bundling modules

    🏆 Contributing

    After making changes to the generator, test your changes locally:

    1. Install yeoman globally: npm install --global yo
    2. Link your local generator module so it is used instead of the repo version: npm link
    3. Switch to a temp directory and run: yo @americanexpress/one-app-module
    4. When you are done, unlink the local module : npm unlink

    Please see our contributing guide for more details.


    npm i @americanexpress/generator-one-app-module

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