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Extendable file viewer for web

Supported file formats:

  • Images: png, jpeg, gif, bmp, including 360-degree images
  • pdf
  • csv
  • xslx
  • docx
  • Video: mp4, webm
  • Audio: mp3


Note this module works best with react 16+. If you are using React < 16 you will likely need to use version 0.5. npm install react-file-viewer@0.5.0.

There is one main React component, FileViewer, that takes the following props:

fileType string: type of resource to be shown (one of the supported file formats, eg 'png'). Passing in an unsupported file type will result in displaying an unsupported file type message (or a custom component).

filePath string: the url of the resource to be shown by the FileViewer.

onError function [optional]: function that will be called when there is an error in the file viewer fetching or rendering the requested resource. This is a place where you can pass a callback for a logging utility.

errorComponent react element [optional]: A component to render in case of error instead of the default error component that comes packaged with react-file-viewer.

unsupportedComponent react element [optional]: A component to render in case the file format is not supported.

To use a custom error component, you might do the following:

// MyApp.js
import React, { Component } from 'react';
import logger from 'logging-library';
import FileViewer from 'react-file-viewer';
import { CustomErrorComponent } from 'custom-error';

const file = 'http://example.com/image.png'
const type = 'png'

class MyComponent extends Component {
  render() {
    return (

  onError(e) {
    logger.logError(e, 'error in file-viewer');


There is a demo app built into this library that can be used for development purposes. It is by default served via webpack-dev-server.

To start demo app

make start will start the demo app served by webpack-dev-server


Tests use Jest and Enzyme.

Run tests with:

make test

This starts Jest in watch mode. To run a particular test file, while in watch mode hit p and then type the path or name of the file.

Some tests use snapshots. If intended changes to a component cause snapshot tests to fail, snapshot files need to be updated (stored in __snapshots__ directories). To do this run:

npm run jest --updateSnapshot

To run the linter

make lint

Extending the file viewer

Adding supported file types is easy (and pull requests are welcome!). Say, for example, you want to add support for .rtf files. First, you need to create a "driver" for that file type. A driver is just a component that is capable of rendering that file type. (See what exists now in src/components/drivers.) After you've created the driver component and added it to src/components/drivers, you simply need to import the component into file-vewer.jsx and add a switch clause for rtf to the getDriver method. Ie:

case 'rtf':
  return RtfViewer;


  • Remove ignored linting rules and fix them




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