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👩‍🎤 Rocket Sims

Populate Rocket.Chat with mock users and messages for testing.


See the main rocket-control README for general configuration.

This example script uses rocket-socket and rocket-sims to create a new bot user, connect to the general channel and stream all bot mentions to the console.


Get user data for existing users.

import { user } from '@amazebot/rocket-sims'
  .then((data) => console.log(data))


Register new user from given attributes and defaults.

import { user } from '@amazebot/rocket-sims'
async function registerSims {
  const u1 = await user.create({ username: 'sim1' })
  const u2 = await user.create({ username: 'sim2' })

You muse include username OR name. Other attributes and defaults are:

password: string // default: random
email: string // default: null account at test.smtp.org
roles: string[] // default: ['user']
joinDefaultChannels: boolean // default: false
requirePasswordChange: boolean // default: false
sendWelcomeEmail: boolean // default: false
verified: boolean // default: true

You can also include any key/value pairs for custom user fields.

Create methods returns a user record containing:

  • .id the created user ID
  • .account contains details from creation (params merged with defaults)
  • .login() logs in the user via websocket (DDP / Realtime API)
  • .delete() deletes this user from server

Login returns a websocket instance for the logged in user to make subsequent server method calls and subscriptions. e.g:

u1 = await user.create({ username: 'sim1' })
ws1 = await u1.login()
await ws1.call('joinRoom', 'general')


Creates a user with a random name. Returns the same as .create


A collection of created users assigned to their ID.


Deletes all users created in the current session.

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