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Alwatr Fetch

Enhanced fetch API with cache strategy, retry pattern, timeout, helper methods and enhanced types.


yarn add @alwatr/fetch


import {fetch} from 'https://esm.run/@alwatr/fetch';

const response = await fetch({
  url: '/api/products',
  queryParameters: {limit: 10},
  timeout: 5_000,
  retry: 3,
  cacheStrategy: 'stale_while_revalidate',

if (!response.ok) throw new Error('fetch_failed');

const productList = await response.json();


Fetch Options

FetchOptions inherited from the fetch standard parameters and some other...

  • url: Request URL.
  • bodyJson: Body as JS Object.
  • queryParameters: URL Query Parameters as JS Object.
  • timeout: A timeout in ms for the fetch request (default 10_000ms).
  • retry: If fetch response not acceptable or timed out, it will retry the request (default 3).
  • retryDelay: Delay before each retries (default 1_000).
  • removeDuplicate: Simple memory caching for remove duplicate/parallel requests (default never).
    • never: Never use memory caching.
    • always: Always use memory caching and remove all duplicate requests (just by method+url).
    • until_load: Cache parallel requests until request completed (it will be removed after the promise resolved).
    • auto: If CacheStorage was supported use until_load strategy else use always.
  • cacheStrategy: Strategies for caching (default network_only).
    • network_only: Only network request without any cache.
    • network_first: Network first, falling back to cache.
    • cache_only: Cache only without any network request.
    • cache_first: Cache first, falling back to network.
    • stale_while_revalidate: Fastest strategy, Use cached first but always request network to update the cache.
  • revalidateCallback: Revalidate callback for stale_while_revalidate cache strategy.
  • cacheStorageName: Cache storage custom name (default alwatr_fetch_cache).

Read more about standard cache strategies

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