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    Altostra CLI

    Altostra CLI provides a set of commands for developers to interact with Altostra projects on the local computer and with Altostra's online services. Use the CLI to create, deploy and manage your applications, to upload content and to get infromation about where your applications are deployed.

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    For more information, read the tutorials, how-to guides and technical references on our Docs website.

    How to install

    $ npm install -g @altostra/cli

    How to use

    $ alto <command> [flags] [arguments]


    Command Description
    alto account Switch between personal and team accounts.
    alto api-key Manage API keys.
    alto build Build the Altostra project to a SAM template.
    alto config Manage the project or global configuration.
    alto console Open the project in the Web Console.
    alto deploy Deploy the project.
    alto deploy-sam Deploy an AWS SAM managed project.
    alto deploy-sls Deploy a Serverless Framework managed project.
    alto deploy-cfn Deploy an AWS CloudFormation managed project.
    alto docs Open the Altostra documentation.
    alto endpoints List all the available domain names for a deployment of the project.
    alto environments create Create a new environment.
    alto environments delete Delete the environment.
    alto environments get List the available environments or get environment details.
    alto environments parameters Get environment parameters.
    alto environments projects List projects deployed to an environment.
    alto environments update-params Update environment parameters.
    alto import Import a project from a Git repository.
    alto init Initialize an Altostra project in the current directory.
    alto invalidate Clear the cache of CDN(s) in a deployment of the project.
    alto local Execute functions in the project on the local machine.
    alto login Sign in to Altostra to execute CLI commands.
    alto logout Sign out of Altostra.
    alto new Initialize an Altostra project in a new directory.
    alto projects delete Delete a project.
    alto projects get List the available projects or get project details.
    alto projects id Get project Id.
    alto projects stacks List the available project stacks or get stack details.
    alto projects update Update project properties.
    alto projects versions List available project versions.
    alto push Create and upload an version for the project.
    alto stacks config Get configuration-set values for an stack.
    alto stacks delete Delete a project stack.
    alto stacks get List the available project stacks or get stack details.
    alto stacks history List the deployment history for a project stack.
    alto sync Upload content files to a deployment of the project.
    alto templates List all publicly available Altostra project templates.
    alto versions List the available versions for the project.
    alto versions delete Delete a project version.
    alto whoami Print the logged in user details.


    Option Description
    --force Force a command if it supports it.
    --project-path Use another working directory path instead of the current directory.
    --debug Write debug information and data to a file.
    --verbose Print more information for a command.
    --text Output results as plain text without decoration for piping to other commands.
    --json Output results as JSON for piping to other commands.
    --version Print the CLI version.
    --help Print help information about the Altostra CLI.


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