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Alma CDK Project

npm i -D @alma-cdk/project

Opinionated CDK “framework” with constructs & utilities for:

  • deploying multiple environments to multiple accounts (with many-to-many relationship)

  • managing account configuration through standardized props (no more random config files)

  • querying account and/or environment specific information within your CDK code

  • enabling dynamic & short-lived “feature-environments”

  • enabling well-defined tagging

  • providing structure & common conventions to CDK projects

  • choosing the target account & environment by passing in runtime context:

    npx cdk deploy -c account=dev -c environment=feature/abc-123

    ... which means you don't need to define all the possibile environments ahead of time!

Account Strategies

Depending on the use case, you may choose a configuration between 1-3 AWS accounts with the following environments:

  1. Shared account (shared):


  2. Multi-account (dev+prod)– RECOMMENDED:


  1. Multi-account (dev+preprod+prod):


Getting Started

Steps required to define a environmental project resources; At first, it might seem complex but once you get into the habbit of defining your projects this way it starts to make sense:

  1. Choose your Account Strategy

  2. Initialize a new Project instead of cdk.App:

    // bin/app.ts
    import { Project, AccountStrategy } from '@alma-cdk/project';
    const project = new Project({
      // Basic info, you could also read these from package.json if you want
      name: 'my-cool-project',
      author: {
        organization: 'Acme Corp',
        name: 'Mad Scientists',
        email: 'mad.scientists@acme.example.com',
      // If not set, defaults to one of: $CDK_DEFAULT_REGION, $AWS_REGION or us-east-1
      defaultRegion: 'eu-west-1',
      // Configures the project to use 2 AWS accounts (recommended)
      accounts: AccountStrategy.two({
        dev: {
          id: '111111111111',
          config: {
            // whatever you want here as [string]: any
            baseDomain: 'example.net',
        prod: {
          id: '222222222222',
          config: {
            // whatever you want here as [string]: any
            baseDomain: 'example.com',
  3. Define a stack which extends SmartStack with resources:

    // lib/my-stack.ts
    import { Construct } from 'constructs';
    import { StackProps, RemovalPolicy } from 'aws-cdk-lib';
    import { SmartStack, Name, UrlName, PathName, EC } from '@alma-cdk/project';
    export class MyStack extends SmartStack {
      constructor(scope: Construct, id: string, props?: StackProps) {
        super(scope, id, props);
        new dynamodb.Table(this, 'Table', {
          removalPolicy: EC.isStable(this) ? RemovalPolicy.RETAIN : RemovalPolicy.DESTROY,
          tableName: Name.it(this, 'MyTable'),
          partitionKey: {
            type: dynamodb.AttributeType.STRING,
            name: 'pk',
          // StagingMyTable
        new events.EventBus(this, 'EventBus', {
          eventBusName: Name.withProject(this, 'MyEventBus'),
          // MyCoolProjectStagingMyEventBus
        new s3.Bucket(this, 'Bucket', {
          removalPolicy: EC.isStable(this) ? RemovalPolicy.RETAIN : RemovalPolicy.DESTROY,
          autoDeleteObjects: EC.isStable(this) ? false : true,
          bucketName: UrlName.globally(this, 'MyBucket'),
          // acme-corp-my-cool-project-feature-foo-bar-my-bucket
        new ssm.StringParameter(this, 'Parameter', {
          stringValue: 'Foo',
          tier: ssm.ParameterTier.ADVANCED,
          parameterName: PathName.withProject(this, 'MyNamespace/MyParameter'),
          // /MyCoolProject/Staging/MyNamespace/MyParameter
  4. Define a new environmental which extends EnvironmentWrapper and initialize all your environmental SmartStack stacks within:

    // lib/environment.ts
    import { Construct } from 'constructs';
    import { EnvironmentWrapper } from '@alma-cdk/project';
    import { MyStack } from './my-stack';
    export class Environment extends EnvironmentWrapper {
      constructor(scope: Construct) {
        new MyStack(this, 'MyStack', { description: 'This is required' });

    Resulting Stack properties (given environment=staging):

    Property Example value
    stackName "MyCoolProject-Environment-Staging-MyExampleStack"
    terminationProtection true
    env.account "111111111111"
    env.region "eu-west-1"

    Resulting Tags for the Stack and its resources (given environment=staging):

    Property Example value
    Account dev
    Environment staging
    Project my-cool-project
    Author Mad Scientists
    Organization Acme Corp
    Contact mad.scientists@acme.example.com
  5. Finally initialize the environment with the Project scope:

    // bin/app.ts
    import { Project, Accounts } from '@alma-cdk/project';
    import { Environment } from '../lib/environment';
    const project = new Project({/* removed for brevity, see step 1 */})
    new Environment(project);


See detailed documentation for specific classes & methods at constructs.dev.

Generally speaking you would be most interested in the following:

  • Project
  • AccountStrategy
  • SmartStack
  • AccountWrapper & EnvironmentWrapper
  • AccountContext (AC)
  • EnvironmentContext (EC)
  • Name / UrlName / PathName



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