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InfoLogger GUI (ILG)

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Web user interface of InfoLogger logging system.

It interfaces with the system using two modes:

  • Query: Querying historical logs from a database
  • Live: Receiving Real-Time logs from a TCP endpoint over InfoLogger protocol (v1.3, v1.4)

Screenshot of ILG

Interface User Guide

  • Use upper panel to:
    • match and/or exclude filters (Supports SQL Wildcard %)
    • limit the number of logs displayed
    • match severity and level
    • reset the filters
  • Show/hide columns by clicking on labels on top of page
  • Click "Query" or "Live" button to start the respective mode
  • Double click on a log or toggle the inspector view from the bottom right corner to see all fields of the log
  • Use arrows keys to navigate quickly between logs
  • Download the logs in a file via the top left download icon


  • nodejs >= 16.x
  • InfoLogger MySQL database for Query mode
  • InfoLoggerServer endpoint for Live mode


  1. git clone https://github.com/AliceO2Group/WebUi.git; cd WebUi/InfoLogger
  2. npm install --prod
  3. cp config-default.js config.js
  4. Modify config.js file to set InfoLogger database and endpoint details
  5. Start web app: npm start
  6. Open browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080

Dummy InfoLogger test server

InfoLoggerServer can be simulated by running npm run simul. The dummy server binds localhost:6102 endpoint.

InfoLogger insights

Continuous Integration Workflows

InfoLogger project makes use of two workflows.


  • Checks that tests of the project are running successfully on two virtual machines:
    • ubuntu
    • macOS
  • Make sure that the proposed changes are not reducing the current code-coverage percent
  • Sends a code coverage report to CodeCov


  • Releases a new version of the project to the NPM Registry under the tag @aliceo2/infologger
  • Builds a tgz file which contains an archive of the project. This can be used for local repositories installations.




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