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The goal of ALICE O2 UI framework is to identify library and framework sets and develop the core functionalities of common ALICE O2 Web Applications.

System requirements

  • nodejs >= 8.9.4
  • zeromq-devel >= 4.0 (optional, see zeromq module docs for more details)

Minimum browser version support

  • Chrome 62
  • Firefox 54 (! Navigate to about:config set value true of dom.moduleScripts.enabled preference)
  • Edge 16
  • Safari 10.1
  • iOS Safari
  • Chrome Android 62


npm install @aliceo2/aliceo2-gui

Getting started


Backend guide

  • HTTPS server - serves custom REST API, supports TLS
  • JSON Web Tokens - secures HTTP requests and WebSocket messages with a token
  • Logging - stores log messages in a file or push them to InfoLogger service
  • OAuth - provides authentication via CERN oAuth and authorization via e-grups
  • WebSockets - provides bi-directional communication between browsers and server using websocket protocol
  • ZeroMQ - ZeroMQ client to providing sub or req socket patterns

Frontend guide

API Reference

Documentation for developers