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    Yes, this is another fork. Of the fork. I'm sorry. This fork enables bootstrap appearance, like this:

    <Compobox appearance='bootstrap' ... />

    Also, it has a mode, in which it shrinks to it's content. Can be useful as inline component:

    <Compobox shrink={true} shrinkMinSize={100}  ... />


    $ npm install @alexkuz/react-autocomplete

    A quick, friendly fork aimed at making the original lib easier to consume, when using with:

    • React v0.12.x or v0.13.x
    • many configurations of webpack/browserify/etc. (alternative: configure your loader to transform the lib's JSX).

    npm install colinhicks/react-autocomplete

    import {Combobox, Option} from 'react-autocomplete';

    Original readme preserved below ...

    react-autocomplete (combobox)

    WAI-ARIA accessible React autocomplete component (combobox).


    npm install react-autocomplete


    This is not production ready, but I welcome use-cases opened in the issues :)



    var Autocomplete = require('react-autocomplete');
    // its actually called a combobox, but noboby searches for that
    var Combobox = Autocomplete.Combobox; 
    var Option = Autocomplete.Option;
    var comboboxinItUp = (
      // Just like <select><option/></select>, this component is a
      // composite component. This gives you complete control over
      // What is displayed inside the <Option>s as well as allowing
      // you to render whatever you want inside, like a "no results"
      // message that isn't interactive like the <Options> are.
      // Start with the <Combobox/> and give it some handlers.
        // `onInput` is called when the user is typing, it gets passed the
        // value from the input. This is your chance to filter the Options
        // and redraw. More realistically, you'd make a request to get data
        // and then redraw when it lands.
        // `onSelect` is called when the user makes a selection, you probably
        // want to reset the Options to your full dataset again, or maybe
        // deal with the value and then clear it out if this is used to
        // populate a list.
        // `autocomplete` defaults to 'both'. 'inline' will autocomplete the
        // first matched Option into the input value, 'list' will display a
        // list of choices, and of course, both does both.
        // When this option is selected, `onSelect` will be called with the
        // value `"foo"`.
        <Option value="foo">Foo</Option>
        // `label` is the text to display in the input when the Option is
        // selected. It defaults to the content of the Option just like a
        // real <option>. (Maybe the value should too, now that I'm writing
        // this, but it doesn't yet)
        <Option value="bar" label="not bar at all">Bar</Option>

    This is not realistic code, check out the examples directory for a real implementation.




    npm i @alexkuz/react-autocomplete

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