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    Use js logger instead

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    A tiny report method, and a factory to create custom report methods


    • Log things and override log behaviour


    npm install @alexistessier/report

    How to use

    ####Default report method

    report(String messageStyle, message)

    Each messageStyle colors the message with a specific color:

    • notice: cyan
    • success: green
    • warning: yellow
    • error: red
    var report = require('@alexistessier/report');
    report('notice', 'my message');

    ####Create custom report method

    report.factory(inject = { transformDictionary, output, console })

    The factory method returns a report method which use the injected objects (all optional):

    • The transformDictionary is an object containing available message styles and associated transform functions
    • The output is an object with at least one 'write' method. This method is called by the report function and accepts 3 parameters (the message, the transform function and the console object).
    • The console is the console object to use (just here for testing purpose)
    var reportFactory = report.factory;
    var reportFactory = require('@alexistessier/report/factory');
    var _report = reportFactory({
    	transformDictionary: {
    		dump: function(message){
    			return 'dump message: '+message;
    	output: {
    		write: function(message, transform, console){
    			console.log('custom output => '+transform(message));
    _report('dump', 'my message');
    //custom output => dump message: my message

    ####Extends a report method

    Maybe you wanna to use a custom logger which includes the default messages styles. Each report method have 3 properties "transformDictionary", "output" and "console" which provide access to the injected objects.

    Each report method also provide 2 methods:

    report.extends(inject = { transformDictionary, output, console })

    The extends method returns a report method using the same injected objects as the original report method unless those which are overrided.


    The extendsTransformDictionary method returns a transform dictionary containing the message styles available in the original report method, plus those defined in transformDictionary

    var _report = report.extends({
    	transformDictionary: report.extendsTransformDictionary({
    		dump: function(message){
    			return 'dump message: '+message;
    _report('dump', 'dump message');
    _report('error', 'error message');



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