November: Procrastination Month

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    Alchemist Notes

    This is a clone of the Uniswap SDK. Alchemist-specific development happens on the dev branch, which is branched off from main at a88048e9c4198a5bdaea00883ca00c8c8e582605 (same commit upstream). We branched of from that commit because it corresponds to the version imported by mistx-frontend.

    For now, we don't publish this as a npm module and instead import it from github. This means that we have no "npm publish" step where we can build dist/. So unlike in upstream, we commit dist/ into the repo. If/when we turn this into a module, dist/ can go away.

    tldr; all PRs should include the changes resulting from running yarn build.

    Uniswap SDK

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    In-depth documentation on this SDK is available at

    Running tests

    To run the tests, follow these steps. You must have at least node v10 and yarn installed.

    First clone the repository:

    git clone

    Move into the uniswap-sdk working directory

    cd uniswap-sdk/

    Install dependencies

    yarn install

    Run tests

    yarn test

    You should see output like the following:

    yarn run v1.22.4
    $ tsdx test
     PASS  test/constants.test.ts
     PASS  test/pair.test.ts
     PASS  test/fraction.test.ts
     PASS  test/miscellaneous.test.ts
     PASS  test/entities.test.ts
     PASS  test/trade.test.ts
    Test Suites: 1 skipped, 6 passed, 6 of 7 total
    Tests:       3 skipped, 82 passed, 85 total
    Snapshots:   0 total
    Time:        5.091s
    Ran all test suites.
    ✨  Done in 6.61s.


    npm i @alchemist-coin/mistx-core

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