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A starter kit for initializing a new React-Native project to save at least 1 week's worth of effort with some commonly used preconfigured libraries and folder structure.

react-native-template installation

Key features:


  1. Make sure that you have followed the environment setup instructions properly from the official React Native docs.

  2. Make sure that your Cocoapods version is >= 3.5.7. If its lower than 3.5.7, you can update it using the following command:

sudo gem install cocoapods
  1. The installation command will fail if you have the global legacy react-native-cli installed in your machine. Make sure you uninstall it first:
yarn global remove react-native-cli

or if using npm

npm uninstall -g react-native-cli

Quick start

Generate a new React Native(v0.74) app using the @ajaysidhu/react-native-template:

npx react-native init myapp --template @ajaysidhu/react-native-template --skip-install --pm npm --skip-git-init

You might also be prompted to confirm the installation for the packages react-native and husky. Simply hit enter to proceed.

The template will automatically install the npm dependencies and the pods (if you are on the MacOS).


  1. Starting React Native v0.74, Xcode does not start Metro bundler automatically. If you are running the app from the XCode, please make sure that your metro bundler is running before running the build from XCode. You can start the metro bundler by running the following command in the root directory of your newly created project using this template:
npm start
  1. Minimum supported versions:
  • iOS: 15
  • Android: 26

Digging Deeper

Check out the documentation website to learn more about the template.

Configure Google Service Files

If you want to extend the setup further to configure Google Service files for Development, Testing, Staging and Production environments, you can follow my this Medium post.

Need further help?

Thank you for choosing our React Native Template for your mobile app development needs. We're thrilled to contribute to your project's success!

Should you encounter any issues, have questions, or need further assistance using our package to initialise your new mobile app, please don't hesitate to reach out. Our team at Diligentic Infotech is here to help you every step of the way.

Feel free to visit our website Diligentic Infotech to learn more about our services and how we can support your mobile app development journey.

Happy coding, and we look forward to hearing from you!


  • [x] Add react-native-keychain for secured user data storage
  • [ ] Add dark mode
  • [ ] Add docs to explain provided common components usages
  • [ ] Add atomic structure for components
  • [ ] Add common styles
  • [ ] Add website docs versioning
  • [ ] Add RTL languages support

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