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Generates placeholder data for testing and development. Made with indian touch in it.



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🚀 Features

  • 🧍 - Generate random person with an Indian identity.
  • 🙏 - Data generated by this package is Indian origin based. Soon international data will be included too.
  • 🧪 - Modules are tested with Jest.
  • - Validated with Zod.

📦 Install

npm install -D @ajayff4/le-data
yarn add -D @ajayff4/le-data

🪄 Usage

import { ldt } from "@ajayff4/le-data";
// or
const { ldt } = require("@ajayff4/le-data");

console.log("int:", ldt.number.int()); // int: -1161972571
console.log("int:", ldt.number.int({max:100})); // int : -2095377662
console.log("int:", ldt.number.int({min:0, max:100})); // int : 35

console.log("seed:", ldt.utils.seed()); // seed: orz3lKJg6m
console.log("seed:", ldt.utils.seed(21)); // seed: 2yGIVAtxWJPGualh62kK5
console.log("slug:", ldt.utils.slug('I am @ajayff4/le-data')); // slug: i-am-ajayff4ledata

console.log("age:", ldt.person.age()); // age: 57
console.log("age:", ldt.person.age({min:18})); // age: 57
console.log("age:", ldt.person.age({min:18, max:60})); // age: 33
console.log("firstname:", ldt.person.firstName()); // firstname: Laxmi
console.log("firstname:", ldt.person.firstName({sex:'female'})); // firstname: Sarika
console.log("middlename:", ldt.person.middleName()); // middlename: Kumar
console.log("lastname:", ldt.person.lastName()); // lastname: Ahluwalia
console.log("fullname:", ldt.person.fullName()); // fullname: Sahadev Agarwal
console.log("fullname:", ldt.person.fullName({middle:true})); // fullname: Sherry Kumar Ahuja
console.log("gender:", ldt.person.gender()); // gender: female
console.log("gender:", ldt.person.gender({binary:false})); // gender: xenogender

💎 Modules

The API covers the following modules:

Module Example Output
💳Card ldt.card.info() Card module will be available soon!
🌈Color ldt.color.rgb() #31ef60
🆔Id ldt.id.uuid() d328ab9f-a826-4519-ad6b-c1699d58f1cc
🌎Location ldt.location.info() Location module will be available soon!
🔢Number ldt.number.int() 56
🧑Person ldt.person.fullName() Ajay Agrawal
👠Product ldt.product.info() Product module will be available soon!
🔠String ldt.string.info() String module will be available soon!
🎲Game ldt.game.dice3() [2,6,4]
🔧Utils ldt.utils.seed(21) xayaW9LU0ncPdW1JJtuOn

🛤️ Roadmap - Plans ahead

  • JSDocs will be added
  • documentation page will be released
  • introduced factories need to be completed

📘 Credits

📝 Changelog

Detailed changes for each release are documented in the release notes.

🔑 License


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