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With the Blocks SDK, you can create your own custom extensions on top of Airtable. These extensions can be integrations, visualizations, internal tools, and more!

To get started, check out the official Blocks SDK documentation website. If you have any questions, feedback, or feature requests, we encourage you to post in the community forum.

By using the software, you accept and agree to abide by terms of the developer agreement below:

Developer agreement

  1. Airtable hereby grants you a limited, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to access and use the Airtable beta software and related software development kit (collectively, the “Software”) for the duration of the Beta Program.
  2. If you submit suggestions or recommended changes to the Software, Airtable is free to use such feedback for any purpose.
  3. Airtable makes no warranty of any kind that the software will meet your requirements, operate without interruption, or be secure, accurate, complete, or error free.

These terms supplement your other agreements with Airtable, which may include the Airtable Terms of Service (located at https://airtable.com/tos), the Airtable Privacy Policy (located at https://airtable.com/privacy), and the Airtable Developer Policy (located at https://airtable.com/developer-policy).

By using the Software, you accept and agree to abide by these terms.




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