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Lunar Composer

A unified and featureful input field for composing messages.


A context is an object that is passed to specific handlers, allowing consumers to hook into the life cycle of the composer.


  • menu (string) - The currently active/open menu.
  • shadowValue (string) - Shadow text displayed behind the input field.
  • value (string) - Value currently entered in the input field.


  • Includes all properties from ReadableContext.
  • setError ((error: string) => void) - Mark the composer as invalid and set an error message.
  • setMenu ((menu: string) => void) - Open a new menu by name and close all previous menus.
  • setShadowValue ((value: string) => void) - Set the shadow text to be displayed behind the input field.
  • setValue ((value: string) => void) - Update the value in the input field.


The actions menu provides a mechanism for custom actions to be implemented through manual interaction. Features like file uploading or markdown controls can be listed here. Furthermore, the action menu provides a concept of writing modes, where the input field changes based on the current mode. The following modes are built in and cannot be customized.

  • Message - A normal message, like a comment or reply.
  • Email - An email message, which includes subject and to fields.
  • Private - A private message.

To enable the actions menu, render the Actions component within the composer, and render the ActionButton component in the beforeButton prop.

import Composer, { Actions, ActionButton } from '@airbnb/lunar-composer';

<Composer afterButton={<ActionButton />} onChange={onChange} onSubmit={onSubmit}>
  <Actions />


  • actions - List of actions to support.
    • condition ((context: ReadableContext) => boolean) - Function that determines whether the action is currently shown. (Optional)
    • group (string) - Organize the action into a group by label.
    • icon (React.ComponentType<WithIconWrapperProps>) - Icon component reference.
    • label (string) - Name of the action.
    • onRun (ActionHandler) - Callback ran when the action is executed.
  • endAlign (boolean) - Align on the right instead of the left. (Optional)
  • noWritingModes (boolean) - Disable the automatic inclusion of writing mode actions. (Optional)


What kind of composer would this be without emojis??? A terrible one! To enable the emoji picker, render the Emojis component within the composer, and render the EmojiButton component in the afterButton prop (if you want the toggle button).

import Composer, { Emojis, EmojiButton } from '@airbnb/lunar-composer';

<Composer afterButton={<EmojiButton />} onChange={onChange} onSubmit={onSubmit}>
  <Emojis />


  • internal (boolean) - Enable internal communication, like agent-to-agent instead of agent-to-public. Otherwise, a restricted list of emojis is available. Defaults to false.
  • startAlign (boolean) - Render the emoji picker on the left instead of the right. Be sure to move the EmojiButton to beforeButton. Defaults to false.


A hotkey is a combination of keyboard characters that can be pressed in unison to execute a specific action. Hotkeys active within the current context will be displayed in the footer below the input field.

To define a custom hotkey, render the Hotkey component within the composer. For example, if shift and p are pressed together, the hotkey below will run and will attempt to print the current document.

import Composer, { Hotkey } from '@airbnb/lunar-composer';

<Composer onChange={onChange} onSubmit={onSubmit}>
    label="to print"
    condition={() => true}


  • combo (string) - Combination of characters that should trigger the hotkey. Separate each character with a +.
  • condition ((context: ReadableContext) => boolean) - Function that determines whether the hotkey is currently active.
  • label (string) - Custom label to place near the hotkey in the footer. (Optional)
  • name (string) - The name of the hotkey (in camel case). The name must be unique, otherwise an error is thrown.
  • onRun ((context: WritableContext) => void) - Handler that is executed when the combination matches the currently pressed keys. Is passed the WritableContext.
  • order (number) - Order to display the hotkeys in the footer. (Optional)
  • preventDefault (boolean) - Trigger prevent default on the event. Defaults to false. (Optional)

Be sure onRun is bound or memoized correctly, using useCallback() or something similar, otherwise you may hit performance and re-rendering issues.


The preview layer permits the user to preview the entered input, outside of the input, before submission. Perfect for double checking the message before submitting. To enable, render the Preview component within the composer.

import Composer, { Preview } from '@airbnb/lunar-composer';

<Composer onChange={onChange} onSubmit={onSubmit}>
  <Preview />


  • requireConfirmation (boolean) - Require manual confirmation before submitting. Will override the built-in submit hotkeys.


Proofreading is an additional layer on preview (mentioned previously) that checks for spelling and grammar mistakes, based on LanguageTool. Works in a similar fashion to our Proofreader component for TextArea.

To enable, define an onProofread loader, which fetches checks from an API. Must return a promise, that returns an array of matches.

import Composer, { Preview, ProofreaderParams } from '@airbnb/lunar-composer';

function checkText({ text, locale, action }: ProofreaderParams) {
  return fetchFromLanguageToolLikeApi();

<Composer onChange={onChange} onSubmit={onSubmit}>
  <Preview onProofread={checkText} />


  • isRuleHighlighted ((rule) => boolean) - Determines whether a marked mistake is highlighted.
  • isRuleSecondary((rule) => boolean) - Determines whether a marked mistake uses a secondary color.
  • locale (string) - Locale to query mistakes for. Defaults to "en".
  • onProofread (ProofreaderLoader) - Callback to load spelling and grammar checks from a LanguageTool API.


A shortcut is a command that starts with a forward slash, supports optional arguments, and is executed when the input is submitted. To enable shortcuts, render the Shortcuts component within the composer, with an array of shortcuts.

import Composer, { Shortcuts } from '@airbnb/lunar-composer';

<Composer onChange={onChange} onSubmit={onSubmit}>
        name: 'macro',
        description: 'Select a prewritten response',
        arguments: [{ name: 'name' }],
        onRun: addMacroToInput,


A shortcut supports the following properties.

  • name (string) - The name of the shortcut without the leading forward slash (in camel case). The name must be unique, otherwise an error is thrown.
  • description (string) - A single sentence description of the shortcut.
  • arguments - List of arguments that are passed to the onRun function. (Optional)
    • name (string) - Name of the argument (in camel case).
    • optional (boolean) - Whether the argument is optional or required. If required and not provided, will throw an error. Defaults to false. (Optional)
    • validator ((arg: string) => void) - Function to validate the entered argument. If invalid, throw an error. (Optional)
  • onRun ((context: WritableContext, ...args: string[]) => void) - Handler that is executed when the input field is submitted with a valid shortcut. Is passed the WritableContext and entered arguments.


A suggestion is a form of type ahead that is displayed as shadow text behind the input field, and can be used to complete a sentence by hitting tab. Suggestions are loaded from an endpoint, using a phrase that consists of the last few entered words, and must return an array of suggestions.

To enable suggestions, render the Suggestions component within the composer, and define an onLoad prop that returns a suggestion list promise.

import Composer, { Suggestions } from '@airbnb/lunar-composer';

<Composer onChange={onChange} onSubmit={onSubmit}>
  <Suggestions onLoad={loadSuggestionsFromEndpoint} />


  • noCache (boolean) - Disable caching of loaded suggestions into session storage. Defaults to false.
  • onLoad ((phrase: string) => Promise<{ suggestion: string, probability?: number }[]>) - Callback fired to load type head suggestions.
  • throttle (number) - Time in milliseconds to debounce each load. Defaults to 200.




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