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    A collection of utility functions for AI Network (AIN). The methods and tests have been modified from ethereumjs-util and ethjs-util.


    npm install @ainblockchain/ain-util


    const ainUtil = require('@ainblockchain/ain-util');
    const message = { foo: 'bar' };
    const privateKey = YOUR_OWN_PRIVATE_KEY;
    // Alice generates signature using private key.
    const signature = ainUtil.ecSignMessage(JSON.stringify(message), Buffer.from(privateKey, 'hex'));
    // Bob verifies the message
    const hash = ainUtil.hashMessage(JSON.stringify(message));
    const sigBuffer = ainUtil.toBuffer(signature);
    const len = sigBuffer.length;
    const lenHash = len - 65;
    const { r, s, v } = ainUtil.ecSplitSig(sigBuffer.slice(lenHash, len));
    const publicKey = ainUtil.ecRecoverPub(Buffer.from(hash, 'hex'), r, s, v);
    const address = ainUtil.toChecksumAddress(ainUtil.bufferToHex(ainUtil.pubToAddress(publicKey, publicKey.length === 65)));
    const isVerified = ainUtil.ecVerifySig(JSON.stringify(message), signature, address);
    // console.log(isVerified);
    // will return
    // ADDRESS
    // true


    addHexPrefix(str: string) -> string

    Adds "0x" to a given string if it does not already start with "0x".

    bufferToHex(buf: Buffer) -> string

    Converts a Buffer into a hex string.

    ecSignMessage(message: any, privateKey: Buffer, chainId?: number) -> string

    Signs a message with a private key and returns a string signature.

    ecRecoverPub(msgHash: Buffer, r: Buffer, s: Buffer, v: number, chainId?: number) -> Buffer

    ECDSA public key recovery from signature.

    ecSplitSig(signature: Buffer) -> ECDSASignature

    Converts signature format of the eth_sign RPC method to signature parameters.

    ecVerifySig(data: any, signature: string, address: string, chainId?: number) -> boolean

    Checks if the signature is valid.

    ecSignTransaction(txData: TransactionBody, privateKey: Buffer, chainId?: number) -> string

    Signs a transaction body with a private key and returns a string signature.

    hashTransaction(transaction: TransactionBody | string) -> Buffer

    Generates keccak hash using a transaction body.

    hashMessage(message: any) -> Buffer

    Returns the bitcoin's varint encoding of keccak-256 hash of message, prefixed with the header 'AINetwork Signed Message:\n'.

    isHexPrefixed(str: string) -> boolean

    Checks whether the str is prefixed with "0x".

    isValidPrivate(privateKey: Buffer) -> boolean

    Checks whether the privateKey is a valid private key (follows the rules of the curve secp256k1).

    isValidPublic(publicKey: Buffer, isSEC1: boolean = false) -> boolean

    Checks whether the publicKey is a valid public key (follows the rules of the curve secp256k1 and meets the AIN requirements).

    isValidAddress(address: string) -> boolean

    Checks if the address is valid.

    areSameAddresses(address1: string, address2: string) -> boolean

    Checks if the two addresses are the same.

    keccak(input: any, bits: number = 256) -> Buffer

    Creates Keccak hash of the input.

    privateToPublic(privateKey: Buffer) -> Buffer

    Returns the public key of a given private key.

    pubToAddress(publicKey: Buffer, isSEC1: boolean = false) -> Buffer

    Returns the AI Network address of a given public key.

    privateToAccount(privateKey: Buffer) -> Account

    Returns an Account with the given private key.

    serialize(data: any, _fields?: Array) -> Buffer (will deprecated)

    Serializes an object (e.g. tx data) using rlp encoding.

    setLength(message: any, length: number, right: boolean = false) -> Buffer

    Pads and message with leading zeros till it has length bytes. Truncates from the beginning if message is longer than length.

    stripHexPrefix(str: string) -> string

    Removes '0x' from a given String is present.

    toBuffer(v: any) -> Buffer

    Attempts to turn a value into a Buffer. As input it supports Buffer, String, Number, null/undefined, BN and other objects with a toArray() method.

    toChecksumAddress(address: string) -> string

    Returns a checksummed address.

    encryptWithPublicKey(publicKey: string, message: string) -> Promise

    Encrypts message with publicKey.

    decryptWithPrivateKey(privateKey: string, encrypted: Encrypted | string) -> Promise

    Decrypts encrypted data with privateKey.

    createAccount(entropy?: string) -> Account

    Creates an account with a given entropy.

    privateToV3Keystore(privateKey: Buffer, password: string, options: V3KeystoreOptions = {}) -> V3Keystore

    Converts an account into a V3 Keystore and encrypts it with a password.

    v3KeystoreToPrivate(v3Keystore: V3Keystore | string, password: string) -> Buffer

    Returns a private key from a V3 Keystore.

    encode(key: string) -> string

    decode(key: string) -> string




    npm i @ainblockchain/ain-util

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