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Rewrite of a cute dark mode toggle 🦉

Original library react-dark-mode-toggle was created by Alex Thoma. Credit goes out to those who helped build that library to what it is today. Let's see if we can take it even further.

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  • Switches out emotion for goober from the original repository.

This rewrite:

  • Adds native TS support
  • Adds Rollup bundling support (ESM/CJS output targets)
  • Adds CSS vendor prefixing via Emotion
  • Resolves issue where prop checked is true but the toggle initially renders in light-mode then snaps to dark-mode
  • Updates react-lottie-player to latest for TS support & to fix the above flickering problem
  • Project infrastructure (e.g. prettier, husky, lint-staged, etc.)

How it works

react-lottie-player is used to render a Lottie file (i.e. a JSON payload) in a React component we call DarkModeToggle. This underlying library is a peer dependency of the project which is why you'll see it in the installation instructions below.

🚀 Installation

npm i react-dark-mode-toggle-2
yarn add react-dark-mode-toggle-2


import React from "react";
import { DarkModeToggle } from "react-dark-mode-toggle-2";

export const YourComponent = () => {
  const [isDarkMode, setIsDarkMode] = React.useState(false);
  return (

📌 Props

Prop Type Default Required
onChange func N/A Yes
isDarkMode boolean N/A Yes
size number (defaults to px) or a string containing a number+unit (e.g "10px", "2em", "4.5rem", "100%", etc). These units may also have a space between them (e.g. "10 px", "2 em", etc). 85px No
speed number 1.3 No
className string '' No

Note, this is not a dark mode theme implementation; it's just a button! You'll need to mix this with a management solution such as use-dark-mode.

📝 Notes

In Chrome, you may experience a blue outline around the toggle button after clicking it. If this behavior concerns you see this issue for more information and available workarounds.

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