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    Affinity SDK for Node

    WARNING Action required from you
    Update your services to use Affinidi SDK v6.0.4 or above.
    Note please pay attention to the changelog while upgrading the version of SDK as some methods may be changed or deprecated. If you are using Affinidi SDK below v6, your application doesn’t support Affinidi Vault and hence we cannot migrate you out of the Bloom Vault.
    With Affinidi SDK v6.0.4 onwards, we have also introduced automatic trigger of migration to Affinidi Vault and that is why we ask you to upgrade to that version or above.
    Otherwise your credentials will never be migrated. The migration will not anyhow impact SDK performance negatively.
    Furthermore, if you have more than 100 credentials in Bloom Vault the performance should be increased after migration.

    Node SDK extends CORE SDK. Make sure to check the CORE SDK documentation.

    How to install

    npm i --save @affinidi/wallet-node-sdk

    Setup Integration Tests

    Test credentials should be added to the top level .env file. These contain usernames and passwords of pre-populated accounts on the staging environment. Reach out to a team member for instructions on how to set up this file, or to obtain a copy.

    How to use

    Please refer to @affinidi/wallet-core-sdk README


    npm i @affinidi/wallet-node-sdk

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