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    Ting Internet Quiz

    Quiz for discovering types of internet users.

    How to start

    The quickest way to start developing a new project is by creating a new repository from this template.

    After that, open the new repository in your terminal and install the NPM packages by running:

    npm install

    To build the files, you have two defined scripts:

    • npm run build: Will build to the production directory (dist).
    • npm run dev: Will build and create a local server that serves all files (check Serving files on development mode for more info).

    Serving files on development mode

    When you run npm run dev, two things happen:

    • ESBuild is set to watch mode. Every time that you save your files, the project will be rebuilt.
    • A local server is created under http://localhost:3000 that serves all your project files. You can import them in your Webflow projects like:
    <script src="http://localhost:3000/index.js"></script>

    Setting up a path alias

    Path aliases are very helpful to avoid code like:

    import example from '../../../../utils/example';

    Instead, we can create path aliases that map to a specific folder, so the code becomes cleaner like:

    import example from '$utils/example';

    You can set up path aliases using the paths setting in tsconfig.json. This template has an already predefined path as an example:

      "paths": {
        "$utils/*": ["src/utils/*"]


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