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    React Store

    This library is an experiment attempting to solve the problem of a "gap" between simple storage via React APIs and complex storage via useReducer and Redux RTK, among others. This "gap" problem has arguably been solved by Immer, but what remains are certain ergonomic issues, or developer experience (DX) issues.

    React Store is a very light wrapper around Immer and exposes a consistent storage interface.

    When should I use this?

    useStore is useful when you want a bit more convenience over useImmer. useImmer does not have a concept of merge, taking a data partial. Also, mutate return is ignored, while the useImmer set-function return is affecting. (If you want to leverage the useImmer return functionality, you should use Immer.)

    createContextStore is a useful abstraction over the "migration to contexts". It's a simple transition from useStore to useStore, with no changes in behavior, but now in a reusable context-based store.



    useStore takes an initial state and returns { state, mutate, merge }

    const { state, mutate, merge } = useState({ a: 1, b: 'two' })
    state.a // 1
    state.b // 'two'
    mutate((s) => (s.a = 3))
    merge({ b: 'four' })
    • state: The current state
    • mutate: A function that updates state based on a provided Immer draft-function.
    • merge: A function that updates state based on a state partial.


    createContextStore takes an initial state and returns { Store, useStore }

    const { Store, useStore } = createContextStore({ a: 1, b: 'two' })
    function Parent() {
      return (
          <Child />
    function Child() {
      const { state, mutate, merge } = useStore()
      state.a // 1
      state.b // 'two'
      mutate((s) => (s.a = 3)) // ... a: 3
      merge({ b: 'four' }) // ... b: 'four'
    • Store: A context-provider component
    • useStore: A hook with the same API as it's "simpler" version, except it takes no arguments. (The initial state is provided via createContextStore instead.)




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