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Octokit plugin to create a pull request with multiple file changes

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  • Retrieves the repository’s default branch unless base branch is set
  • Makes multiple file changes using a single commit
  • Creates a fork if the authenticated user does not have write access to the repository
  • Can update existing pull request



Load octokit-plugin-create-pull-request and @octokit/core (or core-compatible module) directly from cdn.pika.dev

<script type="module">
  import { Octokit } from "https://cdn.pika.dev/@octokit/core";
  import { createPullRequest } from "https://cdn.pika.dev/octokit-plugin-create-pull-request";

Install with npm install @octokit/core octokit-plugin-create-pull-request. Optionally replace @octokit/core with a core-compatible module

const { Octokit } = require("@octokit/core");
const { createPullRequest } = require("octokit-plugin-create-pull-request");
const MyOctokit = Octokit.plugin(createPullRequest);

const TOKEN = "secret123"; // create token at https://github.com/settings/tokens/new?scopes=repo
const octokit = new MyOctokit({
  auth: TOKEN,

// Returns a normal Octokit PR response
// See https://octokit.github.io/rest.js/#octokit-routes-pulls-create
    owner: "user-or-org-login",
    repo: "repo-name",
    title: "pull request title",
    body: "pull request description",
    head: "pull-request-branch-name",
    base: "main" /* optional: defaults to default branch */,
    update: false /* optional: set to `true` to enable updating existing pull requests */,
    forceFork: false /* optional: force creating fork even when user has write rights */,
    changes: [
        /* optional: if `files` is not passed, an empty commit is created instead */
        files: {
          "path/to/file1.txt": "Content for file1",
          "path/to/file2.png": {
            content: "_base64_encoded_content_",
            encoding: "base64",
          // deletes file if it exists,
          "path/to/file3.txt": null,
          // updates file based on current content
          "path/to/file4.txt": ({ exists, encoding, content }) => {
            // do not create the file if it does not exist
            if (!exists) return null;

            return Buffer.from(content, encoding)
          "path/to/file5.sh": {
            content: "echo Hello World",
            encoding: "utf-8",
            // one of the modes supported by the git tree object
            // https://developer.github.com/v3/git/trees/#tree-object
            mode: "100755",
          "creating file1.txt, file2.png, deleting file3.txt, updating file4.txt (if it exists), file5.sh",
        /* optional: if not passed, will be the authenticated user and the current date */
        author: {
          name: "Author LastName",
          email: "Author.LastName@acme.com",
          date: new Date().toISOString(), // must be ISO date string
        /* optional: if not passed, will use the information set in author */
        committer: {
          name: "Committer LastName",
          email: "Committer.LastName@acme.com",
          date: new Date().toISOString(), // must be ISO date string
  .then((pr) => console.log(pr.data.number));

By default, a pull request is created, even if no files have been changed. To prevent an empty pull request, set options.createWhenEmpty to false. If no pull request has been created, octokit.createPullRequest() resolves with null.

By default, commits are always created, even if no files have been updated. To prevent empty commits, set options.changes[].emptyCommit to false. To set a custom commit message for empty commits, set emptyCommit to a string.

For using this plugin with another plugin, you can import the composeCreatePullRequest function, which accepts an octokit instance as first argument, and the same options as octokit.createPullRequest as second argument.

import { Octokit } from "@octokit/core";
import { composeCreatePullRequest } from "octokit-plugin-create-pull-request";

export function myPlugin(octokit) {
  return {
    async myFunction(options) {
      // custom code here

      const response = await composeCreatePullRequest(octokit, options);

      // more custom code here

      return response;




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