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PDF Services Node.js SDK

Adobe PDF Services SDK allows you to access RESTful APIs to create, convert, and manipulate PDFs within your applications. Adobe PDF Services API provides access to over 15 different services including:

  • Document Generation: Build PDF and Word documents from Word templates and your own data
  • Tag PDF files to make them more accessible.
  • Electronically seal PDF documents for authenticity and origin
  • Create PDF from HTML files, Microsoft Office docs (DOC, DOCX, XLS, SLX, PPT, PPTX), text files and images
  • Convert PDF to DOC/DOCX, XLS, PPTX, RTF, PNG, and JPEG formats
  • OCR PDF files to make the text editable and searchable
  • Compress and linearize PDF files to reduce file size for better performance
  • Password protect PDF files and secure them to restrict printing, editing, and copying content
  • Combine and split PDF files
  • Insert, replace, delete, rotate, and reorder pages in PDF files
  • Extract text, images, tables, and more from native and scanned PDFs into a structured JSON file
  • Get the properties of a PDF file like page count, PDF version, file size, compliance levels, font info, permissions and more

Get started for free now. For more details, please see our usage limits and licensing page. If you are interested in scaling your operations, please see our pricing page for purchase options and volume discounts.

Learn more at our documentation.


Before using this package, install Node.js. Node.js 18.0 or higher is required.

npm install --save @adobe/pdfservices-node-sdk


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npm i @adobe/pdfservices-node-sdk

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