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    CIF REST products services for commercetools

    This package contains the actions of the /products API endpoints.

    To deploy all the actions in a shared Openwhisk package, make sure that you currently have a .wskprops file with the credentials of a user/namespace meant to deploy shared packages, and simply call npm run deploy-package.

    This will create a shared package called name@version where the name and version fields are taken from the current package.json file. For example, it would create a shared package called commercetools-products-actions@0.1.10 at the time of writing this documentation.

    It will also create a shared package called commercetools-products-actions@latest which always points to the latest version of the actions. This concept is borrowed from the latest tag concept of npm. The latest package is used by the customer-deployment example project.

    To remove all the actions and packages, simply call npm run remove-package.

    Important: the actions in the shared package are not meant to be used directly. A customer should create a package binding with the right Commercetools credentials, and a package with web actions/sequences. See the customer-deployment example project to see how a customer would typically use that shared package.




    npm i @adobe/commerce-cif-commercetools-product

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