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    Adobe Client Data Layer

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    The Adobe Client Data Layer aims to reduce the effort to instrument websites by providing a standardized method to expose and access any kind of data for any script.



    The best way to try out the Adobe Client Data Layer is to install the distributed npm package in your project build, by running:

    npm install @adobe/adobe-client-data-layer

    Locate the /dist folder in the installed package, which contains the built and minified javascript.

    This script can then be included in your page head, as follows:

    <script src="adobe-client-data-layer.min.js" async defer></script>

    Note - you can directly access the minified version of the data layer without downloading the sources and compiling them.

    Building / Testing

    First run the following commands:

    npm install

    Then choose from the following npm scripts:

    • npm run dev - run the tests, generates the build in the ./dist folder and runs a development server on localhost:3000.
    • npm run build - run the tests and generates the build in the ./dist folder.
    • npm run test - run the unit tests

    Note - you can get some stats (bundle size, download time) about the released version.


    Release can be triggered only as a Github action. There is no way to release package manually using npm scripts anymore.

    To release using Github action:

    1. Go to the Github Actions tab.
    2. Select "Release and publish to npm" and click "Run workflow".
    3. Provide a new version. Patch, minor or major versions allowed, see NPM Semantic Versioning.

    Release and publish Github action will:

    • increase the ACDL version accordingly,
    • commit release and push to Github repository,
    • create and push the Git release tag,
    • publish the npm package.


    Contributions are welcome! Read the Contributing Guide for more information.


    This project is licensed under the Apache V2 License. See LICENSE for more information.




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