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    Adeunis codecs

    TypeScript project for JavaScript/Node.js library of Adeunis codecs.

    This document explains how to modify, compile and package the library. For beginners, developments can be done directly on generated JavaScript files (no compilation).


    A Node.js + npm environment is required to start developments:

    • Node.js 14.x, JavaScript runtime
    • npm, package manager for JavaScript (shipped with Node.js)

    A knowledge of TypeScript language is also recommended.

    Getting started

    Go to project folder and install dependencies:

    npm install

    Project structure

    bin/                         library entry point
    dist/                        compiled .js files and static files
    |- lib.public.js             library file
    src/                         project .ts source code
    |- core/                     core module (singleton services)
    |- demo/                     basic demo pages that use lib.public.js
    |- products/                 products folder
    |  |- drycontacts/           drycontacts module (Dry Contact)
    |     |- 0x40.parser.spec.ts parser unit tests file for dc 0x40 frame
    |     |- 0x40.parser.ts      parser file for dc 0x40 frame
    |     +- ...                 additional frame handlers
    |  |- pulse/                 pulse module 
    |  |- temp/                  temp module 
    |  +- ...                    additional products
    |- shared/                   shared module
    |- decoder.ts                decoder entry point
    |- encoder.ts                encoder entry point
    +- cli.ts                    CLI entry point

    lib.public.js is the generated standalone library file used in demonstration web page.

    Main tasks

    Task automation is based on NPM scripts.

    Tasks Description
    npm start Build library (see npm run build)
    npm test Run unit tests once
    npm run lint Lint code
    npm run build Build project as single .js file
    npm run build:lib Build library as standalone single .js file
    npm run build:cli Build CLI as CommonJS module
    npm run build:test Build tests as CommonJS modules
    npm run pack:exe Package codec library into .exe file (Windows x64)
    npm run pack:linux Package codec library fo linux (Linux x64)
    npm run docs Display project documentation


    Product / Codec type association table

    Product Reference APP FW version Min codecs lib Codec type to select
    Analog / Analog PWR 8180BA, 8181BA, ARF8201AA, ARF8200AA 1.3.x 1.3.0 analog
    Breath 8377AA, 8377CA 2.4.x 1.6.0 breath
    Comfort 8275AA, 8275CA < 2.1.0 0.4.2 comfort
    Comfort2 8275AA, 8275CA >= 2.1.x 1.4.0 comfort2
    Comfort CO2 8373AA, 8373CA 2.2.x 1.5.0 comfortCo2
    Dry Contacts 8170BA, 8171BA 1.3.x 0.4.2 dc or drycontacts (since lib 1.4.0)
    Dry Contacts 2 8170BA, 8171BA 2.1.x 1.4.0 drycontacts2
    DeltaP 8283AA, 8283CA 1.5.x or 2.0.x 1.0.0 deltap
    Motion 8276AA, 8276CA 1.5.x 1.0.0 motion
    Motion 2 8276AA, 8276CA 2.0.x 1.2.0 motion
    Pulse / Pulse ATEX 8230AA, 8230CA, 8230GA, 8230HA 1.2.x 0.4.2 pulse
    Pulse 3 / Pulse 3 ATEX 8230AA, 8230CA, 8230GA, 8230HA 2.0.x 1.1.0 pulse3
    Pulse 4 / Pulse 4 ATEX 8230AA, 8230CA, 8230GA, 8230HA 2.1.x 1.4.0 pulse4
    Pulse 4 NB-IoT 8335AA 2.0.x 0.4.2 pulse4nbiot
    Repeater Sigfox 8168AA 2.x.x 0.4.2 repeater
    Temp / Temp 2S 8180BA, 8181BA, 8180BA2, 8181BA2 1.3.x 0.4.2 temp
    Temp 3 / Temp 2S 3 8180BA, 8181BA 8180BA2, 8181BA2 2.0.x 1.1.0 temp3
    Temp 4 / Temp 2S 4 8180BA, 8181BA, 8180BA2, 8181BA2 2.1.x 1.4.0 temp4
    Temp 4 / Temp 2S 4 IP68 8180BCA, 8181BCA, 8180BCB, 8181BCB 2.1.x 1.4.0 temp4
    TIC CBE/LINKY MONO 8250AA 1.4.x 1.3.0 ticCbeLinkyMono
    TIC CBE/LINKY TRI 8250AA 1.4.x 1.3.0 ticCbeLinkyTri
    TIC PME-PMI 8250AA 1.4.x 1.4.0 ticPmePmi

    Please note that :

    • RTU firmware version has no impact on the codec type to select
    • Bundles use the same type than the standard product

    codec CLI

    More information here.

    Source code generation

    To get version from package.json, do global npm run build

    Quick demo (HTML pages)

    Basic demo pages are available in generic\src\demo\ directory

    You can also visit the demonstration web page

    adeunis codecs in NPM repository

    NPM package is available here :

    Example to use it:

    • Create an empty directory npm_demo and go into it

    • Initialize npm project : npm init (accept all default choices)

    • Install adeunis codecs : npm i @adeunis/codecs

    • Install additional package if necessary : npm i @types/node

    • Create a file named demo.ts :

    const codec = require('@adeunis/codecs');
    // All product types are defined in DecoderProducts enum (src/shared/product.enum.ts)
    const productType = 'analog';
    const payloadValue = '42500110000002100000';
    let payloadResult;
    console.log(`Decoding ${productType} frame => ${payloadValue}`);
    const decoder = new codec.Decoder();
    // Configure the decoder for the appropriate device 
    // Decode the given payload
    let parserResult = decoder.decode(payloadValue);
    // Incompatible frame and product
    if (parserResult.error) {
        payloadResult = 'decoding issue';
    } else {
        // Display result
        payloadResult = JSON.stringify(parserResult, null, 2);
    • Compile .ts file : tsc demo.ts
    • Execute demo : node demo.js



    npm i @adeunis/codecs

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