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    This repository contains the libdot JavaScript library and some web applications that make use of it.

    The official copy of this repository is hosted at https://chromium.googlesource.com/apps/libapps.

    There is also a mirror on github at https://github.com/libapps/libapps-mirror. Keep in mind that this mirror may occasionally be behind the official repository.

    All changes must go through the Gerrit code review server on https://chromium-review.googlesource.com. Github pull requests cannot be accepted. Please see the HACK.md document in this directory for the details.

    Top level directories

    • libdot/ is a small set of JS libraries initially developed as part of hterm, now available as shared code. It provides a base layer for web applications. The code is intended to work in any modern browser, in either a plain web page or a "privileged" environment such as a Chrome platform application or Firefox extension. In practice, it's only been put to use in Chrome platform applications so far.

    • hterm/ is a JS library that provides a terminal emulator. It is reasonably fast, reasonably correct, and reasonably portable across browsers.

    • nassh/ is the Secure Shell Chrome App (currently a "v1.5" app, soon to become a "v2" or platform app) that combines hterm with a NaCl build of OpenSSH to provide a PuTTY-like app for Chrome users.

    • ssh_client/ is the NaCl port of OpenSSH. It is used by nassh to create the Secure Shell App.

    • wash/ is a library for cross-origin virtual filesystems, similar to the Plan 9 filesystem. This directory also contains a simple bash-like shell environment for exploring these filesystems. The code in this directory is a work-in-progress.



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