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AdapTable 'No Code' Plugin

The No Code Plugin allows end users to create an AdapTable instance at runtime from any JSON or Excel file that they provide.

It will dynamically instantiate a fully functional AdapTable including advanced features like state management and audit log, enabling Users to attach to the same source daily or multiple different sources.

No Code Wizard

Once a JSON or Excel file has been selected (or dragged and droppped), the AdapTable No Code Wizard will appear.

It has 2 steps:

  1. The Wizard will read the input file / JSON and list the available columns it contains, together with options for each column to change the DataType, and set editing, filtering, sorting, grouping and other properties.

  2. Additional (optional) steps allow Users to set up many of the Adaptable Options that would normally be configured at design-time, in order to ensure that the AdapTable instance suits their precise requirements, as well as any required AG Grid GridOptions.

The source data must have one column that contains unique values which will be set as the Primary Key column (by convention this is the first column).

Documentation & Demos

Full details of how to install and use the No Code plugin, together with many demos, can be found at AdapTable No Code Documentation

Example Project

Visit the No Code Example Project to see a basic example of how to set up the No Code plugin.


Developers can learn how to access AdapTable programmatically at AdapTable Documentation.

Other AdapTable Resources

General information about Adaptable Tools is available at our Website


For all support enquiries please email support@adaptabletools.com or raise a Support Ticket.


Information on AdapTable Licences can be found at Licensing AdapTable for AG Grid.




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