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CSSValueInput is a React component that renders a text input that can take and update a CSS value of a particular type with a default unit. The input’s behavior is similar to those of design applications such as Adobe Illustrator.

See the storybook docs and demo to get a feel for what it can do.


npm install @acusti/css-value-input
# or
yarn add @acusti/css-value-input


This is the type signature for the props you can pass to CSSValueInput. The unique features provided by the component are called out and explained above the corresponding prop via JSDoc comments:

type Props = {
     * Boolean indicating if the user can submit an empty value (i.e. clear
     * the value). Defaults to true.
    allowEmpty?: boolean;
    className?: string;
    cssValueType?: CSSValueType;
    disabled?: boolean;
     * Function that receives a value and converts it to its numerical equivalent
     * (i.e. '12px' → 12). Defaults to parseFloat().
    getValueAsNumber?: (value: string | number) => number;
    icon?: React.ReactNode;
    label?: string;
    max?: number;
    min?: number;
    name?: string;
    onBlur?: (event: React.FocusEvent<HTMLInputElement>) => unknown;
    onChange?: (event: React.ChangeEvent<HTMLInputElement>) => unknown;
    onFocus?: (event: React.FocusEvent<HTMLInputElement>) => unknown;
    onKeyDown?: (event: React.KeyboardEvent<HTMLInputElement>) => unknown;
    onKeyUp?: (event: React.KeyboardEvent<HTMLInputElement>) => unknown;
     * Custom event handler triggered when the user presses enter/return
     * or blurs the input after making a change. Hitting esc will restore
     * the previous submitted value or original value.
    onSubmitValue: (value: string) => unknown;
    placeholder?: string;
    step?: number;
    tabIndex?: number;
    title?: string;
    unit?: string;
    /** Regex or validator function to validate non-numeric values */
    validator?: RegExp | ((value: string) => boolean);
    value?: string;

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