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Create a new project within seconds and start something awesome! This tool gives you the opportunity to create a TypeScript Node.js or a React application with one command.

📦 Installation

Install the Actyx-Project-CLI globally to have access to wherever you are. npm package.

npm install -g @actyx-contrib/axp

🛠️ Init Project

The installed axp tool will create you a monorepo with git, ESLint, and TypeScript.

In this project, you can add your apps with the axp add <appType> command.

axp init

The init step is optional. You can directly create an new app with axp add [ui|node]

📑 React application

Create a new React-App with the axp add ui command. It will user parcel as build tool.

The actyx manifest for a WebView app is generated automatically.

axp add ui --appName "awesome Ui" --test

After executing this command you will find some new scripts in you package.json

  • ui:<appName>:start run the app in dev mode with automatic rebuild
  • ui:<appName>:build build the React application to deploy it

📑 Node application

Create a new Node.js with the axp add node command.

axp add node --appName "awesome App" --test --docker

After executing this command you will find some new scripts in you package.json

  • node:<appName>:start run the index.ts in your application
  • node:<appName>:build build the node js application to deploy it
  • node:<appName>:clean remove the build folder.

🛠️ Add features

In AXP some widely used standard tools have been integrated, which can be activated via axp addFeature <appName> <feature>.

UI apps

The following features are available for your UI application.

  • test / jest: Add jest as test suit to your application and generate an example test for you. (jestjs.io)
  • storybook: Add storybook to your complete project and add an example to your selected app. (storybook.js.org)
  • cordova: Add a cordova wrapper in the app to package your app as executable for Android / Windows / MAC. (cordova.apache.org)

Node apps

The following features are available for a node application.

  • test / jest: Both commands add jest as test suit to your application and generate an example test for you (jestjs.io)
  • docker: Create some docker definitions to deploy your application as container (docker.com)

📖 Commands

This list is a overview of the existing commands. Use the integrated help to get detailed information about the commands

command shortcut Function
axp init axp --init -v 3 Initialize a new project in the current directory
axp add <type> [-n Name] [--test] [--jest] axp a Create a new application with the given type and name
axp addFeature <appName> <feature> axp af Add a new feature to the appName (test / jest / storybook / cordova / docker)
axp list axp ls List all existing apps and check if some unreferenced apps are in the package.json
axp clean axp c Remove unreferenced commands in the package.json
axp help axp -h Show the general help output
axp <command> --help <shortcut> -h Show the help output for a given command
axp --version axp -V axp version

🤓 Developer tools

The best way to work and test the project is to run the npm run build:watch and npm link it once. From this moment on, you can manipulate the code and try the axp cli command in any directory

Script Description
npm run clean Clean lib and coverage folders
npm run build Build project
npm run build:watch Build project watch mode
npm run lint Check for lint issues
npm run lint:fix Check and automatically fix lint issues
npm run license:add Append license information to every relevant files
npm run license:check Check if license information is present on every relevant files
npm run license:check-dep Check the licenses for project dependencies and produce a summary

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