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Embeddable Widgets Component (Angular)

This is an Angular component and decorator that wraps the ACPaaS UI Embeddable Widgets framework.

For more information on what embeddable widgets are see the link above.

There is a demo app, see below for instructions on running it.

How to use


> npm install @acpaas-ui/ngx-embeddable-widgets

Embedding a widget

Import the component in your module:

import { EmbeddableWidgetsModule } from '@acpaas-ui/ngx-embeddable-widgets';

  imports: [

In your template:

  [props]="{ someProp: 'value' }">

Supported attributes:

  • widgetUrl: the URL of the widget's JSON definition (required)
  • props: the props to pass to the embedded widget
  • overrides: overrides to specify when the widget definition is loaded (only applied once per loaded tag)
  • useGlobalLibrary: if true, uses window.auiEmbeddableWidgets instead of @acpaas-ui/embeddable-widgets

There are no events, since all event handlers are specified in props. To understand how to do this, look at the onClick event inside the example folder.

Publishing a widget

Create a page in your angular app that contains the widget.

Publish a JSON definition for your widget. For example, you can include a file widget-definition.json in the assets folder. See example/assets/widget-definition.json for an example.

Decorate the page's component:

import { EmbeddableWidget } from '@acpaas-ui/ngx-embeddable-widgets';

  selector: 'app-widget',
  templateUrl: './widget.page.html'
export class WidgetPage {
// ...

  public auiOnWidgetInit(props) {
    // initialize from props here

This will do the following:

  • Initialize the current page as the widget defined in the JSON.
  • Call the auiOnWidgetInit method and pass it the props specified from the container app.

Run the demo app

> npm install
> npm start

Browse to localhost:4200

Angular Universal

The <aui-embeddable-widget> component can be rendered with server-side rendering in Angular Universal.

  1. Include the following code in server.ts of your Universal app

    if (typeof window === 'undefined') {
      global['window'] = {};
  2. Use <aui-embeddable-widget> in the normal way


We welcome your bug reports and pull requests.

Please see our contribution guide.


Joeri Sebrechts (joeri.sebrechts@digipolis.be)


This project is published under the MIT license.

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